Intertown Network Design

Started by Bus 400, July 16, 2009, 11:55:24 PM

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Bus 400

After reading the Territory Plan & what the ultimate plans are for buses, I decided o think up a Intertown Network. These would be just an expansion of the old 333 route.

Route 300: Belconnen-City-Woden-Tuggeranong
Route 301: Belconnen-Kippax-Casey-Gungahlin-City
Route 302: Gungahlin-Belconnen-Molonglo-City
Route 303: Kippax-Belconnen-Molonglo-Weston Creek-Woden
Route 304: Belconnen-Molonglo-Woden
Route 305: Casey-Gungahlin-City-Woden
Route 306: City-Woden-Erindale-Tuggeranong
Route 307: City-Woden-Tuggeranong-Lanyon

Route 333: Lanyon-Tuggeranong-Weston Creek-Molonglo-Belconnen-Kippax-Casey-Gungahlin-City-Woden-Erindale-Chisholm-Lanyon (Anti-Clockwise Loop Service)
Route 444: Lanyon-Chisholm-Erindale-Woden-City-Gungahlin-Casey-Kippax-Belconnen-Molonglo-Weston Creek-Tuggeranong-Lanyon (Clockwise Loop Service)

This way every town centre is connected to the surrounding town centers & the loop service provides any lost connection. Routes 300-307 would run every 5 minutes with Routes 333 & 444 running every 15-30 minutes. Suburban Routes would then meet these services at the interchanges/termini with some suburban runs going through 2/3 connetcting points before terminating.


What is it with you and Molonglo?

Buzz Killington

The 305 seems a bit pointless given the 301 (yes, I'm aware your proposed 301 doesn't go to Woden)

The 301 would be better to start at Kippax rather than going from Belconnen, to Kippax, then back past Belconnen to Gungahlin.

Irisbus Rider

Maybe you should consider making an Intertown proposal that has the ability to be implemented in the near future, opposed to 15 years down the track. Molonglo town centre won't justify a high frequency service for some time yet, and Casey isn't there yet.

For the record though, it's too confusing.
3 intertown routes would be more appropriate;
300 Tuggeranong-City-Gungahlin
310 Tuggeranong-Woden-City-Belconnen-Kippax
320 Woden-Belconnen-Gungahlin

My 2c.