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Started by Sir Pompously, September 30, 2009, 02:21:26 PM

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Sir Pompously

Well, working off what John was saying to me once (Of which I did not agree with, only because of the lack of patronage of the Monash side of the 170), about splitting the route in two to provide faster travel for those at the end of the route. For example, if I was to catch a 63 via Tuggeranong to connect with an Intertown I would arrive before the 170 (Based on the old timetable when they would depart a few minutes apart).

Now this would have to be one of the first times I have agreed with John (Being two peas in very seperate pods), and although not at first I can see the point of splitting it, however I believe that splitting it and creating a trial limited stops xpresso service out of it would be a decent start. This is combined with a greater service in Wanniassa from the Monash starting service. The below is what I have planned after mulling it over in a warm bubble bath.

170 - Renumbered 770

Starts off on Bugden Ave, Ashley drive and follows current route.


Starts -Charleston Street, Monash
L - Clive Steele Ave
R - Barraclough Cres
L - Ashley Drive
L - Clive Steele Ave
R - Sturdee Cres
L - Harricks Cres
C - Amsinck Street

Option 1
R - McBryde Cres
L - Comrie Street
R - Sternberg Cres
L - Erindale Drive
L - Sulwood Drive
R - Athllon Drive
Follow Intertown to City West

Option 2
L - McBryde Cres
R - Mackinnon Street
L - Sternberg Cres
R - Wheeler Cres
L - Garratt Street
L - Langdon Ave
C - Atkins Street
L - Athllon Drive
Follow Intertown Route to City West

This allows greater coverage of Wanniassa, bringing it into the greater world of Xpresso's, and would give better access for those in the Monash Hill area (However this is optional, I feel Sturdee could be a good inclusion to grab some more work travellers as they currently do not have a servcie, but are close to the 63 and 64). The purpose would be to make it limited stops and create a trial based on that with two routes from Tuggeranong and two from the Belconnen Region (Similar to Redex, however using it on existing routes). On main avenues, pick up and set down limitations. For example, Athllon Drive would be non stop in the morning peak, excluding Mawson which would be Pick up and Set down due to Park and Ride (Plus Marist and Melrose). The bus would not stop at Phillip Pool, Tradies stop, Sky Plaza, Phillip Industrial stops, Albert Hall would be Set Down only (Pick up, afternoon peak), and London Cct would be Set down only (Even though it basically already is for any Express service running through there). Suburbs I am yet to devise a plan to create faster travel in them with regards to Limited Stops. As you want to get as many passengers as possible without making the route to slow, a very difficult task.

The other option with the 170 is to run it up Sulwood/Erindale/Yamba/Yarra Glen instead of operating through Woden, but that would take out a small chunk of users who alight at Woden. The only thing is it would be a loss for Gowrie, as it makes their journey no quicker. However makes the journey of those in Monash quicker.

Help is required to make this half decent, so please post your thoughts complete with reasons as to why you think it would be a good, or bad idea.

Buzz Killington

Given that this service is classed as an XPRESSO, it's a bit silly to have it stop at Woden, particularly when there are routes servicing Monash, Gowrie, Fadden and Wanniassa to get the commuters there. It seems the only reason the 170 actually services Woden is to add another two northbound intertowns in the morning.

If keeping it at the one route (renumbered to 770), here would be my suggestion (I like having the 770/771 though)

Commence: Atkins St
(L) Longmore
(R) Langdon
(L) Kirkton
(R) Wheeler
(L) Sternberg
(L) Bugden
(R) Bramston
(L) Partridge
(R) Castleton
(R) Bugden
(L) Ashley
(R) Barraclough
(R) Clive Steele
(L) Sturdee
(L) Harricks
(C) Tavener
(R) Drakeford
(C) Parkway
(C) Parkes
(L) Edinburgh
(L) Marcus Clarke - City West
(R) Alinga - City Interchange

Irisbus Rider

Good ideas there.

Well, my way of thinking is that to get people on the bus, you have to entice them from driving, by making the trip time as short as possible, so, if the 'Express' bus from Monash takes 55 mins to get to the City, compared with a 30 (?) min drive, people won't catch the bus.

But, if the Express bus took 40 mins from Monash to the City, taking the bus would become a realistic option.

But, I acknowledge there is a distinct lack of patronage at the beginning of the route, which, immediately, would not justify splitting the 170. This may be due to the demographics of the area, the higher average income, or what I believe to be the case, the fact that the route takes too long.
I believe there is potential in this area to justify splitting the 170, so that Monash and Gowrie can have a *direct* service to the City.

My proposal:
Follow existing route to Bramston St:
(R) Bugden Av
(L) Coyne St
(L) Isabella Dr
(L) Monaro Hwy
To City.

Begin Chisholm Shops
(L) Hambridge Cres
(C) Coyne St
(R) Bugden Ave
Continue on normal route to City.

Buzz Killington

I like those, but to expand on your two ideas:

770 - From Monaro i'd have (L) Canberra Ave (R) National (R) Kings (L) Russell (L) Constitution (R) London to City Interchange and City West

771 - Have it bypass Woden Interchange - Out of Sainsbury (R) Sulwood (L) Erindale (C) Yamba (R) Yarra etc etc.

Irisbus Rider

Thanks for adding on City directions, I CBF looking up all the nmes around there lol.

The 771 would definately need to skip Woden to make it worthwhile.....

Glad to see you've been thinking about it Todd, I, by no means intended to upset the apple cart, but I think Monash and the like deserve a decent express bus!

Buzz Killington

There is absolutely no need for the 170 to service Woden Interchange.

Buzz Killington

Hell, even bringing back these two would be an improvement:

the 716:

the 717:

Sir Pompously

Quote from: Irisbus Rider on October 01, 2009, 08:08:17 PM
Thanks for adding on City directions, I CBF looking up all the nmes around there lol.

The 771 would definately need to skip Woden to make it worthwhile.....

Glad to see you've been thinking about it Todd, I, by no means intended to upset the apple cart, but I think Monash and the like deserve a decent express bus!

Lol at the saying, and I will say I have been thinking on it since you first mentioned it. There is always a feasible way to do something, the problem is finding it, and doing so without upsetting too many commuters. I also have to agree the major drawback is the fact that the route just takes too long from Monash. Of course, ACTION will say the benefit of it is that you only catch one bus, however if people can find a quicker way to get somewhere they will generally take the quickest option (unless the difference between the two are reasonable, say 10-15minutes where cost saving out weighs time).

I do like the idea of bypassing Woden. Thinking into it, Woden basically gets a near direct service from these suburbs anyway, so there is no time saving involved by catching an express service (The only difference is timing, it may be at a better time for some commuters).