Tuggeranong Rethink

Started by Buzz Killington, November 09, 2009, 09:57:17 PM

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Buzz Killington

The 60 and 62 are fairly short routes really, that could be consolidated into the one. I haven't caught either of the two in years so I'm not sure what patronage is like, but the saved buses could be utilised by upping the frequency of services.

Route 60
Start Woden
LEFT Corinna
RIGHT Learmonth
RIGHT Vansittart
LEFT O'Halloran
LEFT Boddington
LEFT Barritt
RIGHT Allchin
RIGHT Barrit
LEFT Kambah Pool
RIGHT Sulwood
RIGHT Drakeford
LEFT Marconi
LEFT Summerland
LEFT Livingston
RIGHT Atkins
RIGHT Athllon
LEFT Drakeford
RIGHT Soward
RIGHT Anketell
LEFT Tuggeranong Interchange

Coming next: The 61 looks at Wanniassa and Kambah

Buzz Killington

Ahhhh Wanniassa. It's a hard suburb to service hence why there's a bunch of routes that go through it...

On this one, Wheeler Crescent gains almost full service,  McBryde Crescent does also. Kirkton Street does miss out though. One stop is skipped on Sainsbury (closest to Sulwood) but the 61/62 are designed to overlap over Sainsbury and Gaunson to ensure that all of Langdon and Longmore are covered.

Route 61
Woden Interchange
R Callam
C Athllon
L Atkins
L Longmore
R Sainsbury
L Langdon
L Gaunson
R Longmore
L Langdon
L Sternberg
R Comrie
R McBryde
L Wheeler
L Garratt
L Langdon
C Atkins
L Livingston
L Summerland
C O'Halloran
L Vansittart
L Learmonth
R Athllon
L Anketell
R Tugg Interchange

Woden Interchange
R Callam
C Athllon
L Atkins
C Langdon
L Sainsbury
R Longmore
R Gaunson
L Langdon
R Sternberg
R Wheeler
L Sternberg
R Fincham
L Forlonge
C Newman Morris
R Newman Morris
L Taverner
L Drakeford
R Soward
R Anketell
L Tuggeranong Interchange

Woden Interchange
R Callam
C Athllon
L Fincham
R Sternberg
R Mackinnon
L McBryde
L Comrie
R Sternberg
R Ashley
R Barraclough
L Clive Steele
R Charleston
L Erindale
C Soward
R Anketell
L Tugg Interchange

Buzz Killington

Following on from my Kambah and Wanniassa series..

L Callam
R Launceston
R Yamba
C Erindale
R Sternberg
L Ashley
R Isabella
R Cockroft
L Barraclough
R Clive Steele
L Sturdee
L Harricks
L Hebblewhite
L Corlette
R Clive Steele
C Drumston
R Ellerston
R Noorooma
L Barr Smith
L Athllon
R Scollay
R Soward
L Anketell
R Tuggeranong Interchange

Bus 400

Peak services are quite packed. But off peak you'll get 7 or so max on a 62. The 960 & 962 get a relatively low patronage.

In effect they aren't that short as they both take around 30 minutes from Interchange to Interchange & that does seem to be the way most routes are set out.

But this would mean that the 60 & 62 would loose there uniqueness as they are 2 of the easier runs to learn & they aren't as stuffed as other runs are with road closures. As today the Parkway southbound was closed at Hindmarsh Drive, so they just went the old way via Namatjira Drive or the other option is Sulwood Drive/Athllon Drive. While other runs have big diversions & some stops can be lost.

Kambah fought long & hard for 2 bus routes (back in the 70's & they wouldn't give them up without a fight).

Buzz Killington

30 minutes from end to end would be envious to some passengers in Gungahlin.

This route does use Athllon but wouldn't really be stuffed with road closures. If Athllon around Wanniassa is shut, it can go along the Parkway to/from Woden. If Drakeford is shut towards Greenway then it can travel via Athllon to Tuggeranong.

With the vehicles saved by having one route instead of two, frequency could theoretically be improved. It also adds a much needed transport link between West Kambah and Kambah Village. At present you can do that if you catch the 62 from Learmonth/Vansittart/part of O'Halloran but this change would allow more people to access the main shopping centre of the suburb.

Buzz Killington

Here's a map to illustrate the routes. As you can see, coverage is improved with only a few small gaps.

Note that I have since edited my 63 proposal to travel via Barraclough Crescent, to serve a stop that is missed on the 64.

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Buzz Killington

Here's the Monash Map

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Buzz Killington

The Kambah Map..

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