17 and 16 route (KIPPAX)

Started by CNG, December 18, 2009, 06:34:03 PM

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I beleive the current 17 and 16 routes  should be combined to create a loop service going through each of the suburbs of Kippax - Higgins - Hawker - Weetangera -  Latham - Florey -Belconnen in each direction.

Loop service 1 (16) Belconen- Florey-Latham-Kippax- Higgins- Hawker-Weetangera- Belconen
Loop service 2 (17) Belconen- Weetangera-Hawker-Higgins-Kippax-Latham- Florey- Belconen

Also the introduction of an intertown route from Kippax, as Kippax has a huge influx of people and most of the other suburbs or major centres in belconen are serviced by of such an intertown service. Also in past Kippax has had intertowns operating from it.

Intertown service 1 (316)   Kippax-Latham- Florey- Belconen - City- Woden- Tuggeranong
                                           Tuggeranong- Woden-City-Belconen- Florey- Latham- Kippax
Intertown service 2 (317)   Kippax- Higgins- Hawker-Weetangera- Belconen - City- Woden- Tuggeranong
                                           Tuggeranong- Woden- City-Belconen- Weetangera- Hawker- Higgins- Kippax