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Started by Bus 400, April 18, 2010, 10:07:20 PM

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Bus 400

With the expansion of Macgregor West & Dunlop, now would be a good time for a bus service in these areas.

R Shakespeare Crescent
R Kerrigan Street
R Polilight Street
R Branson Street (the bus stop on Hanrahan Crescent can be skipped)
L Douglas Waterhouse Street
R Kerrigan Street
L Lance Hill Drive
R Ginninderra Drive
L Archdall Street
R Osburn Drive
R Cannan Crescent
L Constance Stone Street
(Will turn night once that area is developed & return to Macfarlane Burnet Street)
L Macfarlane Burnet Street
L Southern Cross Drive
R Starke Street
L Luke Street
R Harkwick Crescent
L Kippax Terminus Service Road
R Hardwick Crescent
L Flack Street
L Moyes Crescent
R Southern Cross Drive
R Coulter Drive
L Nettleford Street
L Cohen Street
C Through Belconnen Bus Stations

This would also help Village Building Company when they mention that buses service Macgregor West.

Barry Drive

I wouldn't be surprised if something very similar to this was included in the next network change.

However, a problem with this route is that it duplicates parts of 43 and 45. It could be made better by being added on to route 45 to become a two way loop:

Route 45 - as per current route from Belconnen to Lhotsky/Kerrigan then continue as described above to Belconnen (except not through Lance Hill Ave)

Route 46 - reverse direction of route 45.

Not sure what, if any, changes could be made to 43; having an additional route which runs directly to Kippax is a good thing provided the routes are timed so that there is an even gap between them.

Buzz Killington

It would be nice if for once, ACTION could start running buses through new suburbs and estates ASAP, so that people who are moving in have the knowledge that there is an existing bus service, and that they do not necessarily need to rely on their car.

King of Buses

Instead, renumber route 16 and 17 to 46 and 47.
Then introduce a Route 48 which services the boundarys of Belconnen

Route 48
Cohen St Bus Station Platform 1
R – Lathlain St Bus Station Platform 2
L – Chan St
S – Cameron Ave Bus Station Platform 2
S – Aikman Dr
L – Ginninderra Dr
R – William Webb Dr
L – Owen Dixon Dr
L – Copland Dr
R – Spence Terminus
L – Copland Dr
L – Owen Dixon Dr
L – Kuringa Dr
L – Tilyard Dr
L – Daley Cres (Near Fraser Primary School)
L – Fraser East Terminus
L – Tilyard Dr
R – Kerrigan Dr
R – Shakespeare Cres
R – Fraser West Terminus
R – Shakespeare Cres
R – Kerrigan St
R – Branson St
L – Douglas Waters St
R – Kerrigan St
R – Percy Begg Cct
L – Toft St
R – James Harrison St
L – Lance Hill Ave
R – Kerrigan St
L – Ginninderra Dr
R – Archdall St
R – Osdurn Dr
R – Florey Dr
R – Southern Cross Dr
L – Britten Jones Dr
L – Stockdill Dr
S – Drake Brockman Dr
R – Kingsford Smith Dr
S – William Hovell Dr
L – Coulter Dr
L – Caswell Dr
L – Belconnen Way
R – Benjamin Way
L – Nettlefold St
R– Cohen St Bus Station P6
R – Lathlain St Bus Station P6
L – Chan St
S – Cameron Ave Bus Station P5

The Love Guru

For starters, you can't turn left off William Hovell into Coulter then expect to turn left in Caswell as these two roads run parrallel to each other.

2ndly, that is one of the most useless routes i could imagine. Can i ask who you think is going to catch a bus from Dunlop to get to Belconnen via every suburb possible.

3rdly, Buses can not safely traverse through the golf course estate at Woodhaven Green golf course.

Some serious suggestions would be nice.


in relation to route 46, orta make it terminate at fraser east, so there is less build up at fraser west due to the intertown buses