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Started by King of Buses, April 20, 2010, 05:24:36 PM

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King of Buses

I'm brand new to ACTBUS and I was thinking that ACTION should have More tourist Routes.
so you can post your Ideas here but first I have one of my own.
Route 89
Parliamentary Triangle Tourist loop
City Bus Interchange P7
L – London Cct
L – Akuna St
L – Coranderk St
R – Ainslie Ave
R – Limestone Ave – War Memorial
L – Parkes Way – Blundell's Farmhouse
R – Kings Ave
L – Bowen Place – National Gallery of Australia
R – King Edward Tce
L – Parkes Pl
L – Queen Victoria Tce – Old Parliament House
L – Federation Mall
R – Parliament Dr – Parliament House
R – Federation Mall
L – Queen Victoria Tce
S – Langton St
R - King George Tce
L – Parkes Pl
L – King Edward Tce – National Library & Questacon
R – Flynn Pl
L – Commonwealth Ave - Floriade
L – Albert St
L – Barrine Dr
L – Albert St
R – Regatta Pl – Regatta Point
R – Barrine Dr
R – Corkhill st
L – Commonwealth Ave
L – London Cct
R – City Bus Interchange

Buzz Killington

I totally agree with you that they need more tourist routes, but apparently the attitude taken is that ACTION shouldn't have to be running services for people who don't live in the ACT!

The 81 was a nice start, but there really needs to be something for the Parliamentary Triangle, and your suggestion is definitely a good start.

King of Buses

ACTION could also create local loops which are at a lower Ticket Price.

Route 400
Tuggeranong Bus Interchange P 2
S – Pitman St
L – Athllon Dr
L – Reed St North
S – Reed St South
L – Scollay St
L – Oakden St
L – Joseland St
R – Sheerin St
R – Anketell St
L – Athllon Dr
L – Drakeford Dr
L – Mortimer Lewis Dr
L – Drakeford Dr
L – Athllon Dr
L – Anketell St
R – Tuggeranong Bus Interchange

Route 401
Woden Bus Interchange P2
R – Callam St
R – Corinna St
L – Melrose Dr
L – Botany St
R – Townsend St
R – Parramatta St
L – Melrose Dr
L  - Athllon Dr
R – Hindmarsh Dr
L – Ainsworth St
R – Kitchener St
L – Yamba Dr
L – Launceston St
L – Callam St
R – Woden Bus Interchange

Route 402
City Bus Interchange P7
L – Mort St
R – Bunda St
L – Akuna St
R – Ballumbir St
S – Coranderk St
R – Constitution Ave
L – London Cct
L – Gordon St
L – McCoy Cct
L – Liversidge St
R – Balmain Cres
R – Mills Road
R – Eggleston Rd
L – Garran Road
R – Ward Road
R – Daley Rd
L – North Rd
R – Barry Dr
R – Northbourne Ave
S – City Bus Interchange P10

Route 405
Gungahlin Marketplace – Hibberson St
R – Gozzard St
R – Gundaroo Dr
R – Gungahlin Place
L – The Valley Ave
L – Tesselaar St
R – Ian Potter Cres
L – Anthony Rolfe Ave
R – De Bortoli St
L – Flemington Road
R – Manning Clark Cres
L – Hibberson St
Gungahlin Marketplace

Route 403 / 404
Route 403 Clockwise – Route 404 Anti
City Bus Interchange P7
L – London Cct
L – Constitution Ave
L – Northcott Dr
U – Northcott Dr
R – Constitution Ave
L – Reg Saunders Way
L – Russell Dr
R – Morshead Dr
L – Kings Ave
L – National Cct
R – Melbourne Ave
R – Parliament Dr
R – Kings Ave
L – King George Tce
R – Parkes Place
L – King Edward Tce
R – Commonwealth Ave
R – London Cct
R – City Bus Interchange

Route 406
Lathlain St Bus Station P6
R – Luxton St
L – Emu Bank Dr
R – Benjamin Way
R – Bus Way
L – Coulter Dr
L – Nettlefold St
S – College St
R – Hennessey St
R – Eastern Valley Way
R – Belconnen Way
R -  Lathlain St
Lathlain St Bus Station P6

Route 407
Erindale Comrie St
L – Sternberg Cres
L – Wheeler Cres
L – McBryde Cres
R – Ashley Dr
L – Erindale Dr
L – Sternberg Cres
L – Comrie St

Route 408 / 409
Route 408 Clockwise
Dickson Cowper St
R – Majura Ave
R – Wakefield Ave
S – Macarthur Ave
R – Wattle St
R – Goodwin St
R – Mouat St
S – Antill St
R – Badham St
L – Dickson Place
L – Cowper St
Route 409 Reverse Instructions

These Services can run at a 30 Minute Frequency. They are $1 a trip and should be run by MAN 18.320 Buses to hopefully atract more passengers. Preferably Buses 400 - 409 to make it easier to recognise what route it is!


The trouble with the the tourist routes was that they never gained sufficient patrons, it seems to be a pattern with tourist services here. The old double decker services only lasted a couple of years too, they still exist in Sydney.

As for the loop services, the majority of services in Canberra should be local loops which link up to bus stops on the intertown routes serviced by coordinated intertown express services. Buses that travel through 5 suburbs before getting to its destination are never going to gain additional patrons.  Until then we will get "new improved" services which take an hour to run its scenic tour, the same as every other existing service.


The route 3/ 934 is counted as a tourist loop around the parlimentry triangle and lowering the price for the proposed local routes would be a rubish idea and you could not put the deasil Man's on those run as they are not very major or important.

Barry Drive

You need to update your maps - "Busway" is now closed and some of the route directions are not possible.
There is some merit to these suggestions (a Belconnen loop has been raised before), but I have my doubts about whether any of these services would attract enough passengers. The Parliamentary service could be incorporated into Redex, but for the rest they should not use full-sized buses. Much better to dedicate the Darts to these sort of routes and leave the MANs to the intertown.