My Dream Public Transport Network For Canberra

Started by lukeo25, June 17, 2010, 09:08:05 PM

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This post details my dream network for Canberra.

The backbone for the network will a light rail network covering the main town centres and employment hubs as following, Civic - Gungahlin via Flemington Road , Civic - Belconnen via the current intertown route from civic to belconnen, Civic - Woden via Rusell and Barton then via current intertown route to woden, woden to tuggeranong via intertown route, woden to molonglo via coleman court.

the minor network will be feeder buses from all the major interchanges to the suburbs not served by the light rail. In the future i want to see to rail to canberra improved and the line to cooma reopened


I am actually against light rail I like canberra just having buses.

Sir Pompously

And what is your reason for only having buses in Canberra, CNG? You must elaborate on this.