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Started by Bus 400, February 08, 2011, 11:25:02 PM

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Bus 400

Below is what I think the Gungahlin region should look like.

First off the Gungahlin Bus Station would be located on Gungahlin Place between Hibberson Street & Gribble Street, with driver facilities being located on Gungahlin Place between Gribble Street & The Valley Way. This would replace the 2 stops on Hibberson Street that all buses serve as well as the 2 driver facilities at each end. For this to work, this section of Gungahlin Place would be closed off to other vechlies & traffic lights would be installed at the intersection of Gungahlin Place & Hibberson Street.

The 200 Red Rapid would run as normal, with a few express services in the flow of peak traffic. This means some services would start in the City & there first stop would be Flemington Road in Harrison/Franklin (& vice versa in the morning). This would mean that the 51, 52 & 59 (& any other future route between Belconnen/Casey GC) would no longer have peak extensions to the City.

The 200 would also run from 07:00 to 23:00, with reduced frequency after 07:00. This frees up the Route number 50.

Route 59 would run as a loop service from Gungahlin Bus Station, with this service running via Bonner & Jacka & onto Casey, once the Casey GC opens up.

Routes 56 & 58 would also terminate in Gungahlin, with the 50 running between Gungahlin & Belconnen on a 15 minute frequency during daylight hours & a 30 minute frequency after 18:00.

To accommodate for the lost buses along Northbourne Avenue, Route 1 will run along Northbourne Avenue (in the flow of peak traffic) every 10 minutes picking up & dropping off at each stop as required.

Most of these changes would be done to help persuade the people of Gungahlin to catch the bus more, as why should they stand on the trip home for someone who is going 3 stops down Northbourne & why should those waiting on Northboune miss out on a bus because the Gungahlin buses could be full?

In the coming years once more routes are (hopefully) introduced as well as the Casey Group Centre, parts of this plan would need changing again.