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Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, September 24, 2016, 09:07:24 AM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

I've been thinking about this for many years myself, and quite a bit recently. What if there were additional bus stops added in certain places around Canberra for other routes that pass a suburb that's already serviced by another route, but have it in a more convenient placing for the alternate route/s to give riders more choices/variety and more flexibility when getting around.

I want to create this post for all of us to share our concept ideas of places that could be good/more convenient for people in specific areas around Canberra, including those suburbs that had a significant drop in service in the 2012 Network change.

  • Add a google map point into your idea if you like to explain your ideas more.
  • You can share you thoughts on how a particular stop would service and not service specific routes too
        -like how the stop on Tuggeranong Parkway (southbound) no longer services the 60 due to safety/inconveniences during peak hour reasons (or whatever it was).
        - or if there's another stop close by to the one you're thinking of, it can be the same situation as the 2 stops on London Circuit use to do; 1 servicing 300s, the other suburbans and peak. etc.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Well, I'll start off with my ideas then. Some of these my mum and I have discussed on multiple occasions as well.

1. Exit ramp of the Tuggeranong Parkway overpass, just before the Hindmarsh Drive intersection.
I had thought over the many years about a stop being here for the 60/160, 62/162 routes for Tuggeranong/Kambah residents to have some sort of accessibility to Weston Creek, or for east Waramanga residents to have an alternate means of going to Woden/City (peak) - although this bus stop would only work on the northbound side, at least in this specific spot.
Even though this area already had the 27 and 75 servicing it, that's why I had other thoughts about having the 60 change to go left after Kambah Pool Road, go up through Namatjira Drive to Cooleman, then to Woden.

2. Same area, but for all the routes passing.
Just before (south/west bound) and just after (east bound) the overpass, have the same idea as above, Kambah/Tuggeranong and Weston residents sharing the same network together.
-Possibly the Weston bound side could not service the 25, due to peak being a pain for crossing lanes.

3. Melrose Drive vs Corinna Street.
As all Weston/Tuggeranong bound buses use Corinna Street bus stop before heading off, I had always wondered why the 749 (49 back when) didn't also. So an idea was to have it stop some point behind the Corinna Street shops, for the convenience of Westfield shoppers heading north, or even an extra something for Lyons residents.

4. Callam Street opposite Callum St after Hindmarsh Dr [2592] (lol google spells the street name differently to NXTBUS ;D)
Anyway, alway had an idea of having a bus stop here opposite, although at the time only half the services passing could use it (back when the 60s went through Phillip), now days I think it could be as convenient to have a stop on both sides.
The 22 would still not service it though.

5. Athllon Drive hilltop northbound opposite bus stop no. 2653 (Pridham Street access).
Always found it strange (amongst many others) how this stop didn't have an opposite. A stop on the other side, roughly to where the cycleway cuts away from the road would make more sense with the stop on the other side for south western Torrens and south easterly Mawson residences.

6. This one being the most discussed, with at least 1 or even 2 additional stops on Athllon Drive for the Intertowns, this would give more accessibility for western Kambah and eastern Wanniassa residences to access Tuggeranong and Woden > Belconnen more easily. Obviously though, if this were to happen, what use to be the 61 and 63, now 63, 64 and 71 would need not travel to those particular areas of Kambah and Wanniassa.
Examples provided on picture.

7. Anketell Street Tuggeranong.
As of the old bus stop at the east side entrance of the Hyperdome was removed (reason I still don't know of), for many riders, school students, elderly and even those who want to race in and out during closing hours, from this stop being removed, it has caused (from what I have noticed and heard from conversations) quite an inconvenience for shoppers and alike. I myself hated the idea of the removal, as it use to be an alternate means of easily accessing the Hyperdome.
Even though the stop was rather close to the Interchange, and that could possibly be one of the reasons it was removed, putting it back, but a little further away from the Interchange would be very ideal in my opinion. Before the crossing right after the south-east entrance (where the post boxes are located) would work just as well.

8. Canberra Outlet Centre
This is one I thought of just the other day. To somewhat save a little time (just for the 80), instead of it going all the way around and then back again to do the COC loop stop/s, maybe instead for the Woden bound services, there should be a stop on the opposite side too (also one further down close to Pet Barn). This would for one thing stop the confusion of riders not knowing which 80 is which when services arrive at the same time.

These are a few of many bus stop ideas that I have, I'll post more another time, and no, not all of them are based on around where I live (even if that is the part of Canberra I know most fluently).
Please do share any bus stop ideas you may have, I want to see what others you guys may want.

Bus 400

1 & 2. A stop could be located on Hindmarsh Dr in between the set of traffic lights about to be inalled at Launceston St &  Eggleston Cr. This provides more options for Lyons/Chifley/Kambah/Weston Creek residents.

6. A new set is going in near the Shell servo.

7. I've made the suggestion for this but before the crossing. The issue was people regularly parking illegally  (who would ignore parking signs anyway).

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Toyota Camry

Yamba Drive in the Isaacs & Farrer area, to provide this area with a bus link to the Tuggeranong Valley on bus route 66 & 67.