Route 45 re-think

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, December 01, 2017, 12:04:04 AM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

Rode this the other day on the way to Fraser to finish the drawing, and I hadn't noticed till then how convenient some of the route is, esp with areas such as the Emu Bank shopping district, Joynton Smith Drive, dis-used streets around Melba, Flynn and Dunlop, which is unusual for ACTION now days, so it took me by surprise.
What I do find dumb however as I expressed earlier is the fact that it is very infrequent, with only a handful of routes a day, and hourly or worse at that.

Along the journey I thought of a redesign that could work well for it, move it away from the roads that are already serviced by routes that are much more frequent and run all day.

Route 45:
7am-10am, 3pm-6pm half hourly, 10am-3pm, 7pm-9pm hourly service From Belconnen to Spence/Spence to Belconnen via Belconnen, Charnwood, Dunlop, Fraser, Flynn and Melba.

(Spence Bound)
Cohen Street Station Pt 2
Westfield Station Pt 1
Community Station Pt3
(L) Emu Bank
(R) Joynton Smith Drive
(R) Coulter Drive
(L) Ginninderra Drive
(R) Tillyard Drive
(L) Lhotsky Street
(L) Florey Drive
(R) Ginninderra Drive
Continue on Kerrigan Street
(L) Shakespeare Cres
bypass Fraser Terminus (don't pull in - there's already a bus stop outside the terminus so there's no need)
(L) Kerrigan Street
(R) Tillyard Drive
(L) Spalding Street
(L) Kingsford Smith Drive
(R) Alpen Street
(L) Copland Drive
Terminate at Spence Terminus.

Works out to be a roughly 45 minute service each way, and I believe would be the only route that crosses between the two major ex-intertown corridor terminus suburbs (Fraser West/Spence). There's still more room for improvement, possibly including the detour KoB proposed in the Dunlop section.

Barry Drive

One of the few purposes this route has is to connect Melba, Flynn, Charnwood and Dunlop to Copland College.

This suggestion removes that link.

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ACTION had planned to remove rte 45 completely (in the 2016 revamp if I remember correctly). Probably based on walking distance to other routes considerations. That ignored the disadvantage imposed on residents in the heights of Flynn and Melba whose walk home would be up steep streets. At least the retention of an occasional service which goes along Spalding Street assists with that disadvantage, but a proper all day service would be fairer.