Inner South routes 4/5/6

Started by vnguyen, February 28, 2018, 03:03:53 PM

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Route 4/5 (Inner South Loop)

My idea is to keep the old routes 4 and 5 and looping it. Going via Russell and the Barton Interchange.

Routes 4/5
City Bus Station Platform 7
(L) London Circuit
(L) Constitution Avenue
(R) Reg Saunders Way
(L) Russell Drive
(R) Kings Ave
(L) National Circuit
(L) Canberra Avenue
(R) Captain Cook Crescent

Route 4
(R) Murray Crescent
(L) Flinders Way
(L) Monaro Crescent
(R) Golden Grove
(L) La Perose Street
(R) Darlymple Street
(L) Goyder Street
(C) Matina Street
(L) Kootara Crescent
(L) McMillan Crescent
(L) McKinlay Street
(R) McIntyre Atreet
(R) Stuart Street
(R) Captain Cook Crescent and return

Route 5
(L) Stuart Street
(L) McIntyre Street
(L) McKinlay Street
(R) McMillan Crescent
(R) Kootara Crescent
(R) Matina Street
(C) Goyder Street
(R) Darlymple Street
(L) La Perouse Street
(R) Golden Grove
(L) Monaro Crescent
(R) Flinders Way
(R) Murray Crescent
(L) Captain Cook Crescent and return

During the day is a 30mins frequency (operating 15mins apart) and evenings is a 1 hour frequency (operating 30mins apart). With connections to Woden at Manuka.

Another alternative route is from National Circuit is to go down Brisbane Avenue and Wentworth to Kingston Shops as well.

Green Rapid Route 6

Only difference is that It by passes Griffith Shops by going down Captain Cook Crescent with added stops.