Circle Line for Canberra

Started by Toyota Camry, October 03, 2018, 08:03:50 PM

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Toyota Camry

I have noticed that other cities have orbital circle bus services; these cities include Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. I am proposing this route for Canberra; it would operate every 30 minutes minimum, excluding between Cooleman Court and Gungahlin; that section will be a rapid service.

Tuggeranong Bus Station to Tuggeranong Bus Station Clockwise via
Kambah Village
Cooleman Court
Denman Prospect
Majura Park
Canberra Airport
Brindabella Business Park

Routes R8 and 834 from the new network would be incorporated into this service; they would cease to exist in their own right. Anti-clockwise to operate in reverse of the clockwise route. I am going to contact Andrew Barr and Andrew Constance with this proposal; they may decide to implement it.


Fascinating  idea. Have you estimated journey time taking into account stop dwell times?
Seems, at say 3 1/2hr and 1/2hr interval, would require 14 buses and some 36 drivers minimum to be dedicated to this route. Can't see this happening at present.

Sylvan Loves Buses

This idea has been touched upon quite a few times, with some interesting alternatives. I myself dabbled into it many years ago, but figured out that being a single route would be way too strenuous for the drivers, and possibly the buses. A round trip around Canberra and possibly into NSW (although this would require a bus with no bike rack due to NSW regulations), with all stops accounted for would take a minimum of 2-3 hours - if you're lucky with lights and traffic.
It would always be a great idea to have something like this, but I still don't think it's something that'll happen as a singular route, and not having the reversed direction would have some people complaining just like the current 101.


Looks like a circle route for the sole purpose of having a circle route. What exactly does it serve?

The cities you mention that have them use the circle to feed other forms of transport like trains. And are generally circles around more inner parts of town, not around the extremities.