Route 32 to Western Foreshore Park

Started by Toyota Camry, November 13, 2018, 04:48:24 PM

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Toyota Camry

I am proposing that route 32 (presently known as route 40) should extend beyond the Cohen Street Bus Station via Totterdell Street to the Western Foreshore Park; this would service the high density residential area around Totterdell Street and Morell Close that are about to become a public transport blackspot in the new network.

Route 32 has been chosen for this extension as it will provide Totterdell Street residents with a direct link to the Belconnen Town Centre, Emu Ridge and the Jamison Centre; I am proposing that two new platforms be constructed on Josephson Street as part of the Cohen Street Bus Station for this service.

Below is the link to the map of the extension that I am proposing; this extension will also help to save lives by reducing drink driving, as it will provide a public transport service to nightlife venues including the Ginninderra Tavern.