CNS-SYD-CBR (Virgin Blue)

Started by Snorzac, July 12, 2009, 10:04:16 PM

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Cairns to Sydney
Date: 12/07/2009
Flight No: DJ1420
Reg: VH-VOK Name: Smoochy Maroochy
Type: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 5B Seq: 61
Class: Economy
STD: 14:35 ATD: 14:39
STA: 17:35 ATA: 17:35
Gate: 21

Flight was called for boarding and I took up my seat in row 5 (the closest to the front I have ever been). While waiting for the flight to finish boarding I enjoyed Live to Air. Push-back was dead on time and we taxied straight out to the runway past the QF Dash 8 that had carked it (VH-SCE IIRC). Takeoff from Cairns was smooth and the Live 2 Air system was having issues. After battling with the system the Cabin Supervisor announced that he was putting the system onto free mode after which it didn't play up at all.

A wonderful but bumpy approach into Sydney over the Harbor and onto Runway 34 Right (after circling the airport) a quick taxi past the wonderful looking VH-VXB and into Gate 40.

Sydney to Canberra
Date: 12/07/2009
Flight No: DJ664
Reg: VH-ZHF Name: Little Miss Sunshine Coast
Type: Embraer 170
Seat: 16A  Seq: 11
Class: Economy
STD: 18:20 ATD: 18:19
STA: 19:15 ATA: 19:18
Gate: 35

After the quick walk from gate 40 I arrived at gate 35 just in time to see ZHF pulling into the gate. After the quick turn around we were called to board at about 18:00. I was the first passenger on the a/c leaving my family for dead (I was sitting down reading the safety card when they got on) and realizing how annoying it was going to be with the widow so far in front of the seat.   

Once again push-back was on time with the cabin crew finishing the safety demo before push-back had commenced. After start up we followed VH-VOK all the way out to 34R where we finally departed Sydney after 15 minutes of taxiing.

The flight was at a very low altitude of 16000ft and we had a very rough decent into Canberra. Touchdown was pretty much on time on runway 35 and a  quick taxi back to gate 5 where they decided not to use the rear stairs so it was a bit of a wait to get off.

Anyway congrats to Virgin Blue on keeping us on time (un-like certain other airlines) and making the flight enjoyable.