Trip Report: Canberra Airport Open Day (QF2294 included)-Warning, 12 Pictures

Started by Snorzac, April 04, 2010, 12:44:22 PM

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I am going to try something a little different and do the trip report from the beginning of the day when I left home.
The Bus Ride:
Fast Facts:  Route 900, Departure Point: Cohen st Bus Station Platform 2, Departure Time: 0734, Arrival Point: Erindale Centre, Arrival Time: 0829, Bus: 303

After an early start the morning before I was not looking forward to another waking up just before 7am, leaving the house at 0715 for the short walk up to the Cohen Street Bus Station. Arriving at the station at 0720 I was surprised to find that the bus was already waiting out on the platform, I was certainly pleased to see that it was one of the rare decent Irisbuses for the hour long journey out to Erindale, I can't stand been on bad Irises but I love the good ones.

On this particular morning it seems that ACTION's wayfarer system was having issues handling Concession Monthly tickets, mine got jammed as did three others before the University of Canberra. Arriving late in the City we made up a bit of time arriving at Eindale on time.

BUS 303 is seen departing the Erindale Centre

Breakfast at McDonalds Erindale:
Not having breakfast at home I decided to head to Erindale Maccas to get some brekky, My Mighty Muffin was less than impressive, not assembled in the correct order and missing the tomato sauce, and it was in a BBQ, Bacon and Cheeseburger box despite mighty muffins having their own wrap. This store doesn't have much going for it and after telling the manager that he needs to tell his crew to lift their game I waited outside for Sir P, my ride to the Airport for today.

The Open Day:
Arriving to meet the plane spotting crew on the inbound QF787 just as it landed. I made my way with spotters Maikha and Dan to the very end of taxiway bravo where the tickets for the Qantas charity flight were being sold. Dan and myself got row 1 with the other occupying row 2 and 3. After this we met up with Todd again and started looking at the planes on display. Todd, Maikha and a few others went off to get some lunch while Dan and myself spent time exploring all the aircraft.

We were lucky enough to get put onto the airside bus tour at 1230 just before it departed. After this we made our way back to the Virgin Blue terminal for a bite to eat only to find that the Cafe was closed with a sign saying 'Back in 15 Minutes'. This sign was reported to still be up at 4pm.

Photos from the open day can be found at:

To be continued.....


Qantaslink 2294: CBR-CBR
Fast Facts: STD: 1430, ATD: 1500, ETA: 1530, ATA: 1558, A/C Type: Dash 8-Q400, A/C Rego: VH-QOS, A/C Name: Mildura, Seat: 1A

After a short walk from the Virgin terminal to the Qantas check in desks we once again met up with Maikha and the gang. for a change a Qantas employee made his way down the line and handed out the boarding passes. After getting our boarding passes we moved through to  security and into the departure lounge, today we were to be departing through gate 14. Five minutes later our aircraft was towed over to the stand.

As 1430 loomed we guessed that the flight was going to be delayed slightly. While waiting to board the beautiful Connie lifted off. Boarding was called at 1435 and we made the rather lengthy walk out to the aircraft. The flight attendant didn't have to direct me to my seat nor did I have to look very hard for it. Today I had seat 1A, the very first time I would be seated on an Exit row. After a short briefing from the cabin supervisor I was all good to go.

Qantaslink's oldest Q400, VH-QOA prepares to depart to Sydney

After a short wait onboard the aircraft the props on the dash 8 began to turn and the two f/as gave their safety demo.

Engine two begins to turn

After a taxi almost right to the end of the runway we turned on to runway 35 with the spoilers deployed. After about 30 seconds lined up on the runway the pilot lowered the spoilers and put the throttles to full, boy do I love that sound. A bit of a bumpy climb out today but it was nothing.

Nearing our cruise altitude of 10000 ft over Bungandore.

Today we were flying out to Mourya then down the coast to Merimbula and back across to Canberra.

Passing over my second home, Dalmeny

An inflight snack was served, Macadamia Nuts covered in chocolate and Multi V juice. I was surprised considering we only payed $50pp

Returning to Canberra.

Return to Canberra was smooth and we made a nice Runway 35 approach.

On finals for runway 35, with flaps and landing gear (although you can't see it)

Rolling out on runway 35

Parked at Bay 15A with pax de-boarding

Whilst walking to the terminal I took these:

VH-OGQ, Birdsville preparing to go back to Sydney as QF562

A look at Birdville's massive GE engine

Dash 8-300 VH-SBT preparing for a flight with VH-QOI lifting off in the background.

Thanks for reading  :)