Trip Report: CBR-SYD-CBR

Started by Snorzac, April 24, 2010, 02:04:13 PM

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I decided to go on a transport related trip to Sydney for the day and due to cheap airfares I decided to fly. This time was the opposite to last time I flew Qantas one way and Virgin the other, I was highly disappointed with the performance of Virgin Blue and  pleased with Qantas.

I walked out my font door at 0420 to be met by my uncle and his friends who were off to Dundee Island near Darwin for a fishing trip leaving on a flight around the same time as mine, so I got a ride with them in the taxi. After a few pick ups in Canberra's inner North we made our way to the airport arriving at 0455.

Having already checked in online I made my way directly to security and into the departure lounge. At about 0520 I was joined by Ed who would be travelling with me today.

Date: 21/04/2010          Flight: QF1460
STD: 0620                      ATD: 0615
STA: 0710                      ATA: 0655
Aircraft : Dash 8 Q400   Rego: VH-QOP
Seat: 15A                      Seq: 1
Departure Gate: 14      Arrival Gate: 17

At 0600 boarding was called and we made our short walk across the tarmac to VH-QOP

A bit early for decent photos.

After about 10 minutes sitting on the plane the doors were sealed and those beautiful turbo props began to spin as the all male cabin crew did the safety demonstration. After waiting for my uncles Brisbane flight to begin taxi we turned around and taxied straight onto the runway, Captain Michael Bourke (my second time with him at the controls) pushed the throttles foward for one of the quickest takeoff rolls followed by one of the smoothest climbs ever.

Ready to taxi

Climbing out

Qantas logo, note the reflection

Shortly after takeoff the first officers (the only female crew member) came over the PA and gave us the usual update as the cabin crew came through the cabin serving a 'Breakfast Box' which contained Banana Bread with Butter and a choice of Juice, Water, Tea or Coffee.

Not a very good picture

A view to the front

After about 10 minutes the seatbelt sign came back on as we began our decent into Sydney.

Top of decent

Sydney's outskirts

Getting closer

After a few turns we were lined up with runway 34L as the gear dropped down into position with a huge thud, followed by a very smooth landing a few minutes later, a short taxi into gate 17 and the engines were cut. We were lucky enough to get to go up to the cockpit to meet the captain. After that we were escorted into the terminal by the flight attendant (as the door had to be opened) and then it was off to Hungry Jacks for Brekky.

On the ground

It's Wunula Dreaming

A pretty shitty shot of the flight deck

Date: 21/04/10          Flight: DJ672
STD: 2035                  ATD: 2200
STD: 2130                  ATA: 2245
Aircraft: Embraer 170  Rego: VH-ZHB   Name: Brazilliant Blue
Departure Gate: 36           Arrival Gate: 7

After an enjoyable day in Sydney it was back to the airport to check in for the short flight back to Canberra. After checking in we met up with Mat and went to a pizza place in Tempe for dinner with Ken. We had been informed upon check-in of a minute delay.
After a delicious dinner we returned to the airport with 5 minutes to go till our boarding time of 2005. After checking the screens we saw that our gate had changed from gate 39 to gate 40. After running to the gate we found that there was no aircraft yet and that our gate had again been changed to gate 36.

After a long wait our aircraft VH-ZHB turned up at about 2120 (we should be 10 minutes away from Canberra by now! After a quick turn around we boarded the aircraft at 2135. As the time past it became clear we would be sitting here for a while longer. The captain then came over the PA and announced that the aircraft had developed and engineering fault that required a thorough inspection every time the aircraft was on the ground meaning that by the end of the day they were very late.

At about 2155 the safety demonstration was commenced at the gate with push back commencing at the conclusion of this. Followed by a long taxi all the way out to runway 34R. As we reached the top of the runway we were thrown back into our seats with that awesome power up from the small but powerful engines of the E170. A very fast takeoff roll and then a rough climb out.

The crew came through and took orders, they only got two (one from me). I purchased a bottle of water and when they asked me if I wanted ice I made a joke asking if I could catch my own (there was ice coming out of the aircon). After another quick cruise we began out approach into Canberra, something different for me today we would be arriving on runway 17 (from the Belconnen end of the airport).

After a quick landing roll we turned off the runway and taxied to gate 7 where we disembarked using the front stairs. I was surprised to see that along with the other overnighting aircraft was the blue Virgin VH-VBY.

Over all a nice trip but I was not impressed with Virgin's service.