Trip Report: CBR-BNE-CBR via SYD (major dial up warning)

Started by Snorzac, July 19, 2010, 10:35:53 PM

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Here is my report for my recent trip to Brisbane, there are a lot of photos hence the warning, hope everyone enjoys!
Flight: QF560               Date: 10/07/2010
STD: 0645                    Push back: 0653        Rotate: 0700            Gate: 14
STA: 0735                    Touchdown: 0736      At Gate: 0742
Type: Boeing 737-838   Rego: VH-VXR          Name: Shepparton     Seat: 14F (Exit Row)

Arriving at the airport around 0520 I headed straight to check in, the wait for check in was quite long until all passenger for the Brisbane flight were called forward, this almost halved the queue. Having already checked in online I proceeded with Ed to the bag drop desk where we requested an exit row, only to be told that there were none left.

After getting through security we went to the service desk on the departure level with Sir P accompanying to ask for an exit row, this time we were told that it was possible to be seated in the exit row so we were reissued with our boarding passes. After about 15 minutes of talking with Sir P his flight was called for boarding. Not long after that our flight was also called which made for a mad dash across the tarmac to our bird for today VH-VXR, a new rego for me, glad to see there was no VXP there :D. As per the usual I was the first on board.

This is the only picture I have from this flight, as I was in the exit row my camera was in the overhead locker.

After about 15 minutes the aircraft was fully boarded and the doors were sealed. A short delay due to VXA having issues and we pushed back from the standoff bay, todays load factor was around 60%. A short taxi following the reason for our delay before we turned off at taxi way November(?), VXA would be using the full runway, so we were now #1 in line to take off.

A quick 90 degree tun onto the runway and the pilot in control powered up the engines, I think this is the first time I have been on an aircraft that has used taxiway November(?) and rotated in front of the terminal, that's one short takeoff roll, climb today was a bit bumpy but not too bad.

After about 10 minutes the seatbelt sign was turned off and the crew began the inflight service. Today we were served a raspberry muffin (from the Sydney biscuit company) and a juice. The muffin was delicious! After a short cruise we began our decent into Sydney, today landing on runway 34L.

Approach was quite smooth followed by an awesome landing onto 34L. A brief taxi back into the terminal followed. Parking at gate 1. Ed and myself tried, in vein, to get off fast so we had more time between flights, but this failed, after a few minutes we were off the aircraft on our way to hungry jacks for some brekky.

The rest of this trip report will follow tomorrow, I have no time to do the other three flights now.


Flight: QF510                Date: 10/07/2010
STD: 0835                       Push back: 0843        Rotate: 0853            Gate: 5
STA: 1005                     Touchdown: 1006      At Gate: 1010
Type:   Boeing 767-338   Rego: VH-OGM          Name: Bunderburg     Seat: 40K

This leg would be my first ride on a 767. After a quick stop for brekky I arrived at the gate to find VH-OGM, I was not surprised to see the aircraft as I had been told that it would be the aircraft operating the flight weeks in advance. For those who are unaware OGM is in an international configuration featuring blue seats and the dream time business class seats.

On board with VZD parking next to us, Yananyi Dreaming is the next one across

Seconds prior to push back.

After boarding was complete Matthew Johns and all, the plane pushed back and the standard safety video was shown, this would be followed by the long taxi out to runway 34R.

Push back

As per the usual taxi was uneventful however the douche behind me was bashing his arm rest and shouting at it "WORK!". I assume he was referring to the IFE which had been turned off for taxi and take off.


Vietnam 777 exits 34L

After waiting for a few aircraft to land and takeoff we taxied into position holding for the Virgin 737 just ahead of us, after about 30 seconds we were cleared for takeoff and the throttles were pushed to full. I was surprised with the amount of power the engines produced, considering the flight was fully booked we were in the air very fast, I really wish I had my camera ready to go because there was an awesome vapor trail coming off the wing as we lifted off.

Climbing out

Flaps retracted, still climbing

The seat belt sign was turned off quite early in the flight however just as the cabin crew was starting the service it was turned back on due to turbulence which was a non event. There was a few bumps but nothing major.

still climbing


The cabin crew eventually made it through with the in flight snack. Today there was a choice of an Apple and Raspberry Cake (from the Sydney Biscuit Company) or a fresh apple. I opted (as did pretty much everyone) for the cake. The cake was delicious, fresh, and had plenty of flavor. A drinks service followed with choices been coffee, tea, juice, water or a soft drink. I opted for a coffee as I really need a caffeine hit.

Before long we commenced our decent into Brisbane. The captain once again advised that there would be turbulence however this eventuated to nothing, well there was a few bumps (I think after my Japan experience not much phases me).

Turning at the top of decent

Spoilers deployed

Flaps down as we break through the clouds over Morton Bay

On final approach for runway 19

Over land just about to touch down


Landing was very smooth today, one of the better widebody landings I have had (only my third wide body flight). Rollout was brief before we exited the runway and made our way to the gate.

Exiting the runway

Returning to the gate.

Once at the gate we sat on the plane waiting for everyone to clear out, everyone rushed to get off, we were in no hurry to get off so we waited in our seats for the crowd to clear, I think we were the last off the aircraft.  A quick walk to baggage claim followed, I was lucky enough to have one of the first bags off the flight. Once I had collected the bag I left Ed to get the train while I went to meet my Aunt.

More coming shortly

The Love Guru

Oh look, its a wing, oh and another wing, hang on, i don't believe it! ANOTHER WING. Just one wing pic would be enough i think!



Flight: QF537               Date: 14/07/2010
STD: 1515                    Push back: 1517        Rotate: 1533              Gate: 23
STA: 1650                    Touchdown: 1644      At Gate:   1659
Type: Boeing 767-338   Rego: VH-OGF          Name: City of Lismore       Seat: 54A

After a wonderful few days in Brisbane it was time to head home. I was dropped off at the airport along with my grandmother and cousin just after 1300. After been dropped off at the airport I made my way to the Airtrain station to await the arrival of Ed so that we could check in.

As he arrived at 1330 we went directly to check in to request exit rows, however for the flight to Sydney the only exit row seats were in the middle section of the plane, so we decided to stay in row 54 which turned out to be a wise decision. After check in we moved through security. Unfortunately the elderly lady in front of me on the escalator had a fall, so that added a few minutes to the time it took to get to the gate.

Once at the gate I was pleased to see that the aircraft at the gate was not the aircraft I was told it would be (VH-ZXD). Instead I was looking at VH-OGF, one of the older 767s but it is a GE engined aircraft and one of Qantas's better aircraft. I then made the long walk down to the Virgin gate where my grandmother was about to board her flight.

On the way back I got a coffee from a small cafe which was ordinary. By the time I got to the gate there was only a few minutes left before boarding.

Here is a picture of OGF prior to boarding.

Expecting to find a seat where the recline was limited (the online check in showed 54 as the last row) I was pleased to find that there was a row 55 and that it had a sign on it saying "Not for Passenger Use". I would be able to use the full recline of the seat today! I found that the domestic configuration of the 767 provided more leg room than the International one making for a much more comfortable flight.

View out the window

Pushback was a few minutes late, nothing too major. Taxi to runway 19 was as per the normal until we stopped on the taxiway and the called someone over the PA to press there call button. We were sitting on the taxiway for about two minutes before we once again got underway for runway 19.

Once at the runway we had to wait for a Qantas 738 to land, a Virgin 738 to depart and a Virgin 73G to land. Once the runway was cleared we rolled onto the runway and powered up. Takeoff on this flight was pretty ordinary due to crosswinds. Climb out was also bumpy but after five minutes things smoothed out.

On the way out

At cruise

Once the seat belt sign was turned off the cabin crew moved through the cabin with the in flight snack and usual drinks service. Today our choice was either a cherry streausal (not to be confused with strudel) or once again a fresh apple. I am not usually a fan of cherries but today I opted for the streausal as well as a can of lemonade. The streausal was delicious (once again well done to the Sydney Biscuit Company).

After the Qantas 'Welcome' program presented by Deborah Hutton the News was shown followed by a very funny episode of the Gruen Transfer. The captain came over the PA giving us an update on our arrival time and the weather conditions in Sydney. Turbulence was predicted.


On finals for runway 25

As we made our approach the turbulence went from minor to quite major. As we made out final approach for runway 07 it became apparent that we were landing with some decent crosswinds and the 767 got thrown around a bit. On more than one occasion we thought that we were going to do a go around, but after one of the worst approaches I have ever had, the pilot made one very nice landing (given the circumstances).

A taxi from the International terminal to gate 5 followed, we had to wait for an aircraft to come out of the ally which delayed us a bit. Once at the gate the engines were shut down and the people all rushed for the door (once again we remained seated and waited patiently), leaving me to think, that's what it was like in a 767, do I want to know what it is like sitting in row 19 of a Dash 8-Q400? I immediately made my way to gate 17 to try and get exit rows (row 1) on the next flight and that's where it got interesting.....

Taxiing past the International terminal

China Airline A330 with Special 50th Anniversary Titles

VH-OEJ 'Wunula Dreaming' about to leve as QF1

QF A380 VH-OQD departs for Singapore

Stay tuned for more. 


Continuing on from the end of the last flight, when I got to the desk I was told that the flight QF1493 had been canceled. Fearing I would be put on a 737-400 (I hate them with a passion) I requested to be put on QF1491 only to be told that my bag were already on QF805. I was handed a boarding pass to find I was in row 28 (one that doesn't exist in a 734) so there was only one possibility, a 738, I said to Ed, "I will be very happy if it is operated by VH-VXB", Ironically.....

Flight: QF805               Date: 14/07/2010
  STD: 1755                    Push back: 1800        Rotate: 1808                  Gate: 9
  STA: 1850                    Touchdown: 1845      At Gate:     1850
  Type: Boeing 737-838   Rego: VH-VXB          Name: Yananyi Dreaming         Seat: 28F

As can be seen the aircraft operating the flight, much to my delight was in fact Yananyi Dreaming :D! Boarding was called on time at 1735 and I found myself at the back of VXB with what appeared to be a very heavy load. Push back was a bit late followed by a taxi all the way out to 34R. Another power up and we were up making a few sharp turns over Sydney before straightening out. As expected from the previous flight takeoff and climb was bumpy and with the same forecast for most of the flight as soon as the cabin crew were allowed they were up with the in flight service.

No choices on this one. A sandwich was handed out Half was Silverside and Rocked, the other was Egg, Mayo and Rocket, both were very nice. The basic drinks service came around and I got juice. The cabin crew just got through with the rubbish collection just before the seatbelt sign was turned on due to our approach and turbulence.

Landing was nothing special very bumpy on approach using th full length of runway 35 before a taxi into gate 13, maybe that was an bad omen. After deboarding  we got to baggage claim only to find that our bags a long with about 30 others had not made it on to the flight. After the report was filed I left the airport, by the time I got home I was called saying that my bag had been found and would be delivered the next day.

Summing Up:
Qatas was awesome. Service was great except for the minor mishap. The 767 is an awesome aircraft and Yananyi Dreaming is just a normal 737 with an awesome paint job. I am already planning my next trip with Qantas. I hope you have enjoyed reading this!


Yananyi Dreaming is sometimes referred to mockingly as "the flying blood clot"! ( I like the livery regardless...)

Good trip report, thanks Zac.


lol, some other name I have heard for it include:
-City of Redfern
-City of Narrabundah
-Northbourne Avenue


Quote from: Metrobus on July 20, 2010, 10:50:43 PM

Summing Up:
Qatas was awesome. Service was great except for the minor mishap. The 767 is an awesome aircraft and Yananyi Dreaming is just a normal 737 with an awesome paint job. I am already planning my next trip with Qantas. I hope you have enjoyed reading this!

In relation to good airlines, I will be flying with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong latter in the year, I love Cathay they are my favourite airline. Also in relation to this trip to hong kong I will have to get some good photos for you all to see. I can see that you must of had alot of fun metrobus.