Trip Report: East Coast Day Tripping (Dial-up Warning)

Started by Snorzac, July 13, 2011, 01:44:57 PM

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This trip was originally booked when I found a cheap sale fare to Melbourne with Qantas, this would allow me to ride a 767 out of Canberra. From Melbourne I looked at a few options one of them was to head up to Brisbane stay two nights and do QF8 (747) back to Sydney, but I eventually settled on keeping it as a day trip with the final routing of CBR-MEL-SYD-CBR, giving me one new type the Airbus A330-200 as well as the opportunity to re-visit my favorite 767 and my old foe the 737-400.

All up the fare were pretty cheap although I booked the flight from SYD-CBR using my frequent flyer points.

July 11, 2011
As my flight didn't leave until 0910 I was able to sleep in a bit more than the usual 4am wake up. I woke up to find a text message telling me that my Jetstar flight had been delayed from 1415 till 1535. Eventually left the house at 0745 which is cutting it a bit fine for my liking but I arrived at the airport at 0810 with plenty of time.

Check-in today had to be done at the desk as I was supposed to have an exit row, however when they tried to check me in the machine spat out a boarding pass with 8A on it. It turns out that my flight had been downgraded from a 763, to a 737-800. As 8B was taken and I had someone with me I moved to 28A before proceeding through security and down to gate 13 to find my aircraft unloading after arrival from Melbourne.

Flight: QF811          Aircraft Type: 737-838          Rego: VH-VZA          Name: Port Augusta
STD: 0910              Off Blocks: 0909                    Rotate: 0918           Gate: 13
STD: 1015              Touchdown: 1015                 At Gate: 1020         

1st Time on VH-VZA
22nd 737 flight
8th 737-800 Flight
59th Flight Overall

VZA getting prepped for our departure.


Boarding for the flight was delayed slightly and all passenger who had checked in online the night before were asked to go to the service desk to collect a new boarding pass.

Boarding via the glass aerobridge.

Legroom shot from 28A, adequate for a short flight. 28C was free so we had a seat between us.

Qantaslink's newest VH-LQB

Once fully boarded there was a short wait for LQB to push back. Load today was about 75%.

Pushing back from gate 13

Safety demo was the usual, we taxied right down to the end of runway 35 for our departure and used the extension, we were pretty much rotating by the time we were at the Piano keys where the old runway used to end which I though was pretty funny, the full length was certainly not needed.

Climb out today was smooth over Canberra's north before turning to the left and flying back past the airport, not much turbulence at all which was un-expected after the weather of the previous day.

Turning to the north.

Black Mountain tower.

Shortly after takeoff we were served a light snack, today a Byron Bay cookie. Followed by a full drinks service today I chose to get a lemonade.

Snow dusted Brindibellas

Lots of snow


As can be seen our flight path took us over the snow capped mountains which was amazing, however clouds hindered this view as the snack was served.

Byron Bay Cookie

Decent into Melbourne was once again rather un-eventful despite the in increment weather. A few bumps here and there but that's about it. Landing was into a slight crosswind and that was easily over come with a very skilled landing.

Just after descending through the clouds.

On final approach with flaps.

Getting the wobbles close to the ground.


spot the special livery

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKG.

United jumbo and Vietnam A330

Taxiing behind SKG


Emerites having some work done.

Parking next to VH-ZXA

Once at the gate we asked for a flight deck visit and were given permission

Flight deck of VH-VZA, we were however rushed out by the CSM as the turnaround was quite tight.


Melbourne Airport
With four hours turning to five we were in no rush to do much at Melbourne, we looked around T1 before checking in at T2 and then heading over to a quiet corner of T3 where we could watch the planes. Eventually we decided that it was time to go through Customs and over to our gate.

International Departures

Jetstar desks

from T3, it's the white E190 VH-ZPR

Customs was relativity easy to get through as we were able to use the domestic express lane. Once though all this we went over to our gate to find no aircraft, so we went to look around the terminal.

Up close with VH-OQD

Two of many vehicles assisting in it's preparation for QF009 to Singapore and London.

From the side

Two part rudder, never seen this before.

Malaysian and China Southern getting prepped for departure

Singapore 777 getting prepped

New part of Melbourne's terminal.


Hey look, it's our plane...oh wait it's going to the domestic terminal.

The terminal itself was clean however it was rather hot and lacked ventilation making the wait rather uncomfortable.


Flight: JQ3        Aircraft Type: Airbus A330-200         Rego: VH-EBQ        Name: n/a
STD: 1415        Pushback: 1555                               Rotate: 1604          Gate: 5
STA: 1540        Touchdown: 1701                            At Gate: 1707         Seat: 44A

1st Time on VH-EBQ
1st Time on Airbus A330
60th Flight Overall

Aircraft finally arrived at gate five long behind schedule which wasn't a problem with me. What was a problem was the lack of communication from the Jetstar ground crew about the delay. For this flight we were lucky enough to be assigned over wing exits back in row 44.

My colorful boarding pass.

Hey look it's finally here, and it's Jetstar's newest A330 featuring seat back AVOD

Gate 5 occupied at last.

The aircraft was prepared and finally about 5 minutes before we were due into Sydney boarding commenced. Straight down to row 44 to find a huge amount of leg room. The flight was pretty full in the rear section of economy, not sure about the front though.

Only a small amount of space to stretch out in!

Nice clean wing on this four month old aircraft.

About 20 minutes after boarding the main door was closed and push back commenced, a recorded safety demonstration was shown the crew doing all the usual actions. Not sure if the screens were used in the demo as mine was tucked away in my arm rest. Takeoff was very smooth, the A330 produces plenty of power making for a quick climb up to 39000 feat. After some exploration of the AVOD system I put it on to airshow and tracked our progress until it had to be stowed back in my armrest.

The usual Jetstar BoB menu was offered, I got Cheese and Biscuits and a Lemonade.

My snack

AVOD, Hook, Line and Sinker was one of the shows offered for free.

Cruising over thick cloud.

Decent today was pretty quick and very smooth, making approach for 34L

On decent.

On downwind turning base for YSSY

A little bit of speed brake as we head out over the coast

Turning final

On final approach with sun setting in the background.

Over the runway


Taxi in


Landing was smooth and taxi in was quick, we were able to get through customs, etc relativity quick once again due to the express lane. we then headed into the City for a short time before heading back to the terminal for our flight back to Canberra.


Flight: QF807        Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-476        Rego: VH-TJH        Name: Falcon
STD: 2110        Pushback: 2111                               Rotate: 2117          Gate: 7
STA: 2205        Touchdown: 2200                            At Gate: 2205         Seat: 12D (Originally 12C)

For this flight I decided to put the Q Bag tag to the test and checked my camera bag in, was quite easy. Very quickly made our way through security to find TJH at our gate managing to score ourselves exit rows upon request at the service desk.

Boarding was a few minutes early and I took up my assigned seat in 12C. Just before departure I was asked to move to 12D so there was two people in each exit row. Push back was close to time and we were taxiing in no time on our way to runway 16L. A powerful takeoff ensued with a quick climb.

At the top of the climb the cabin crew served Caramelized Onion Crackers with antipasto dip which was delicious! Decent commenced and we were soon touching down on runway 35 in Canberra disembarking the aircraft via the stairs at gate 14.

At Sydney Before departure

Disembarking the fron stairs

Returning to the terminal

It was disappointing not to get a 767 so I will have to take that the opportunity another time. It was a shame Jetstar was late but that can't be helped. The ground crew spoiled the experience with their lack of communication spoiled it as the on board product was really good, I would have no hesitation in doing long haul with them.

The 737-400, well it's certainly getting on in age and the interior really shows this, the sooner they retire the better!

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