Trip Report Sydney day return

Started by triumph, December 06, 2018, 11:44:33 PM

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Explorer 6.45am service from Canberra Cars A, B, D (Syd end) nos 2502, 2511, 2527 respectively. Rode car B and noted an unsettled ride quality. Arrival on time.

Waratah series 2 Set B4 Central to St James via Quay. Rode car N1604.

Attend NSW Art Gallery exhibition of paintings from Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia (trip purpose).

S Set (no. unkown), rode car 3976 (rear of front set), St James to Central.

Exlorer 5.40pm service from Sydney Cars A, B, D (Syd end) nos 2503, 2517, 2525. Rode in Car B and no ride issues noted. Though late at Campbelltown, arrival Canberra 5 min early! Approaching Goulburn at speed there was a sudden rattling racket moving along as the train progressed and a jiggle of the carriage as the noise source passed below. Some passengers rather startled and concerned. The train continued without easing or any explanation on the PA. Having once experienced this on the Silver City Comet at multiple locations between Menindee and Broken Hill, a kangaroo was probably run down and the body rolled underneath dislodging ballast hence the rattle and jiggle as wheels passed over the stones.

It was just pure luck to get contrasting Sets. Set B4 is almost brand new. Set B2, the first Waratah series 2 to enter service only did so in early Sept this year. By contrast the S sets are being retired progressively as B sets come into service. So, newest and oldest types.