Bus Tour in Canberra. Would you go?

Started by Snorzac, December 17, 2008, 11:01:15 PM

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Would you??

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Just though I would see if a bus tour would work in Canberra, we may be able to organise one in the new year if there is enough interest.We may be able to go along some old routes, etc. Cost will be the big factor I would say so if there isn't enough interest to keep it at no more than $20 pp I would say it won't go ahead.


Ive done the math before and you'd need at least 15 people for it to work.

I recall action gave me a rate of hire last time I enquired, I might try and dig it up.

Irisbus Rider

Yes, we've been through all this Macca, and it could work, particularly with the wide database of people in Sydney.

Sir Pompously

John, jeeze, omg, oh you know, Database? DATABASE JOHN? Thats worse then refurbishing a suburb.....

Irisbus Rider

If they can refurb a bus, then by hell, they can refurb a suburb :P

But, yeah, you know, like, maybe, I dunno, yeah, hmmmm, I mean, possibly, database?

Sir Pompously

Oh yeah you know I mean come on wow its that krispy kreme doughnut you know I think nahhhhhh incredible Rivo oh yeah Sydney and that Melbourne that crap place (Even though I like yeah you know have not been) how about selection?

And yes Zac we have looked into it before. When we were looking at it,we were also looking at places where ACTION now service so the plans would need a serious redo, plus they probably put up their charter hire.