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Canberra to Melbourne
Date: 11/01/09
Flight No: DJ710
Type: Embraer 190-100
Name: 'Samba Blue'
Seat: 26F
Departure: 0635
Arrival: 0740
Gate: 8

Arrived at the airport about 0530 and by the time check in was complete there was still about 45min before departure. After going through security and getting a random bomb test I sat down waiting to board me E190, VH-ZPL. Other aircraft in the VB terminal included VH-ZPG, VH-ZHA and VH-ZHE. At 0615 we boarded through the rear doors. We pushed back right on time and taxied straight onto the runway without having to wait for any other a/c. It was a textbook takeoff with no troubles at all. About 5min into the flight the captain told us that he was climbing to 38000ft and that we could expect to be in Melbourne about 10min ahead of time. After some cheese and biscuits we began decent. There was a lot of cloud and the usual Melbourne turbulence but we landed without trouble. We were about 5min early getting to gate 1.

Melbourne to Canberra
Date: 12/01/09
Flight No: DJ719
Type: Boeing 737-7Q8
Name: 'Spirit of Salty'
Seat: 20C
Departure: 1450
Arrival: 1555
Gate: 8

Arrived at the airport about an hour before the flight and used blue check to check-in. I had some Maccas for lunch and then headed to gate 8. By the time I finally got to the gate they were ready to board the flight. After taking my seat (20C) I watched the Live 2 Air. While we were waiting we had a 737-800 pulled up either side with VH-VUG on one and VH-VUM on the other. We pushed back on time and went on a very speedy taxi by the time we got out to the runway a 747-400 had just landed and was clearing the runway, we rolled straight on to the runway and began the takeoff roll, we lifted off with about a quarter of the runway remaining. Live 2 Air was activated with a credit card and continued. Cheese and Biscuits again and then the very turbulent landing into Canberra. Just before landing a crosswind hit and the right side of the a/c touched down, followed by the left. We were 15 min early. The cabin crew on this flight were funny, the cabin supervisor say things like "Virgin Blue have the best cabin crew on earth but they are all on annual leave so you are stuck with these three" and "We are about 15 minutes early which proves red jets fly faster". :P


I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but the "We're  about 15 minutes early which proves red jets fly faster" line is over-used by those guys.



Yes, the cabin supervisor was trying to be funny, I don't see how what you said 'bursts my bubble'


I've never heard it...obviously you need to stop flying to Melbourne boobzie

Sir Pompously

Unfortunently the lame Virgin jokes are almost non existsnt these days since they are trying to be more professional. Really sucks. Nice trip report Zac.