Buspedition on Moderation Day-13-8-09

Started by Snorzac, June 13, 2009, 10:52:25 PM

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Can you come?

3 (33.3%)
4 (44.4%)
Unable to Commit at this stage
2 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 9


Okay, so 2 months notice so you can get your arse into gear and get there. This time lets get more than 4 people on the day so yeah, plan for the day coming soon.  ;D


Here is just a rough draft. If drivers want to PM their shift to me if I don't already have it, I will try to get one of your runs in.
Route 705 Depart 0723
Arrive Cohen st Station 0755
Route 44 Depart 0809
Arrive Belconnen Way 0815
Route 703
Depart 0827 (should be an artic)
Arrive City 0849
Photo Time 0850-0905
Airliner Depart 0910
Arrive Brindibella Business Park 0934
Route 10 Depart 0959
Arrive City 1031
Route 312 Depart 1041
Arrive Woden 1058
Route 61
Depart 1112
Arrive Tuggeranong 1143
Route 11 Depart 1151.
Arrive Woden 1237
LUNCH 1240-1315
Route 312 Depart 1319
Arrive Cameron Ave 1352
Route 43
Depart 1404
Arrive Cameron Ave Station 1454
Route 315 Depart 1504
Arrive City 1523
Route 58 Depart 1528
Arrive Cohen st Station 1642
Route 10 Depart 1656
Arrive City 1736
Will more than likely change slightly.



Anyone else coming apart from the one person who has voted that they are coming?


wait a sec, what day is the 13th?
i could possibly join you'se for the 11, depends.


13th is a Thursday. It is Moderation Day so it will be the only day that week for me.

Buzz Killington

Sorry guys, can't take a day off work so i won't be attending.


the only day 4 me would be thursday 13th


i understand what bubzie means, she'll join us on the 11 if she can


I will release a new plan on Wednesday evening. The first run will be the same as will most of the morning half apart from the scrapping of the 44 and 703 which are been replaced by a 7 leaving Cameron Ave just as the 705 arrives into Belconnen , we will make it comfortably though.

The afternoon I am waiting for overtime off a few drivers and I just want to adjust the runs a bit. So keep an eye on this thread if you are coming.

EDIT: On second thoughts I am so canning that Brindibella Part


Quote from: Lemon on August 10, 2009, 06:47:41 PM
EDIT: On second thoughts I am so canning that Brindibella Part
good idea, i think its a poorly serviced place and expensive on deanes and cheaper on action


and breakfast at the servo.... seriously what was I thinking?

xman0444 will be joining us at Belco for the 7


Meet at Tuggeranong Interchange Platform 7 at 0710. I will be on a route 313 that arrives at 0706.

705, Depart 0723
Arrive Cameron Ave. Bus Station 0749

7, Depart 0750 (tight connection but the driver is a board member and the 705 is usually early)
Arrive City Bus Interchange 0835 (not timetabled as this time, given on the advice of the driver)

2, Depart 0849
Arrive Dickson Shops 0917

6, Depart 0918 (tight again, but I know the driver)
Arrive Woden Interchange 1029

64, Depart 1035
Arrive Tuggeranong Interchange 1103

11, Depart 1121
Arrive Woden Interchange 1207

319 (or any other 300), Depart 1213
Arrive City Interchange 1235

Lunch 1240 to 1305

5, Depart 1309
Arrive GMP 1331

51, Depart 1343
Arrive Cameron Ave Bus Station 1422

74, Depart 1430
Arrive Cameron Ave Bus Station 1515

43, Depart 1524
Arrive Kippax 1606

17, Depart 1617
Arrive Cohen st Bus Station 1643

319, Depart 1653 (driver is a member)
Arrive City 1718

300, Depart 1730 (driver is a member)
Arrive Cohen st Station 1754

End of Buspedition


I should be attending, but missing the opening 705.

Bus 400

Just be aware the 15:24 43 service might arrive at Kippax after the expected time (but not too much later). Also 16:17 17 service might be late. Quite a few times I've seen the driver leave 5 or so minutes after departure time. He is a good friendly driver but might be a tad late arriving at Cohen Street


i can come but i will be meeting in civic at platform 10 for the 2 onwards