Coffs Harbour 17-20 july 09

Started by lukeo25, July 05, 2009, 12:44:53 PM

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I'll be going to Coffs Harbour on 17-20 july by train with my dad as he has a friend over from the u.k who is going to be there then. we'll be getting 06.37am service to strathfield which arrives at 10.42, we then have an hour there, then we the 11.46am out of strathfield which gets to coffs harbour at 20.30pm and the return will be this, leave coffs harbour at 07.41am and get to sydney central for 16.38pm, train back to canberra will be the 18.15pm service.

I have to get myself a train magazine to read on the train (a tradition what i have on long distance rail journeys) any1 know where i can get modern railways (uk mag costs about $13).

any advice about good photo ops at strathfield or sydney central or coffs harbour  ???

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I know the Railway Society shop in Central has lots of books & magazines in there. But have you tried the ARHS ACT Division or not? Also the newsagency in Centrepoint has quite different magazines.

But as for photos, around Circular Quay is all right as you have the train station to take pictures of the trains & a high up view over the Ferries & down below lots of buses are around there. Also if you walk around to the Rocks district, you can get close ups if any passenger liner is docked there. Central Station is also a good spot with different trains pulling in & you might get to a close up of the Indian Pacific if it is there. I was able to have a close up look inside once at the Perth end & was tooted as they puled out. But beware at Circular Quay Station, they Train Security were a bit weary of me taking pics over the Harbour.


i know about ARHS ACT and rail society shop in central station (its the bookshop where i get all my british rail books from)
i know can get modern railways in woden as i have brought it there be4. i will probably stay within the central station area as i don't know sydney that well as i have only been there a few times. i will probably buy some books or magazines on the way back as i go sydney then but on the way i can't as i will be in strathfield

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Quote from: TP 3000 on July 05, 2009, 01:08:04 PMBut beware at Circular Quay Station, they Train Security were a bit weary of me taking pics over the Harbour.
Train Security? Whaaaaa? Do you mean TO's?

Yeah, the problem with the CBD is it is hard to find a well lit areas for photos, Railway Square (If you can get there) is a favourite; MaxiZac could provide you with a few more locations, I'm sure.

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For train magazines, Railway Digest, Motive Power and Track and Signal can be found at most newsagencies, aswell as at the ARHS Bookshop found on the main concourse of Central Station. I believe the ARHS Bookshop also sells Transit Australia and Australian Bus Magazine.

Photography of Trains at any railway station is not illegal, and if you have a vaild ticket you will be fine. DO NOT use flash in any station. Using flash is the only way that can get you kicked off a station, as using flash can distract a driver from performing his/her duties. CityRail request that you speak to the Station Master, however this is not a rule nor law, it is just a request from the company that you may or may not wish to follow. For photography locations of Buses and Trains in Coffs Harbour, best off asking on the ATDB As there are a few members from up that way that can help you out.