670 Tour-26/03/2011

Started by Snorzac, September 05, 2010, 10:16:26 PM

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670 TOUR - 26 MARCH 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011 - 1pm til 10pm

$15 for full tour
$10 for half day tour only. Set down in the City at 1740

Payment must be made at time of boarding, otherwise you will be refused entry. ATMs are located close-by to each pickup point.

Belconnen Community Station, Platform 5, 1pm
City Interchange, Platform 10, 1:20 arrival for 1:25 departure
Woden Interchange, Platform 9, 1:45 arrival for 1:50 departure
Tuggeranong Interchange, Platform 6, 2:05pm for 2:10 departure

Free carparking is available at each location
Belconnen - Carpark next to station, access via Chandler St
City - City East Carpark cnr London Cct and Northbourne Avenue. Access from London Cct
Woden - Adjacent to interchange, access via Matilda St.
Tuggeranong - Adjacent to interchange, access via Cowlishaw St or Pitman St.

Full itinerary to be posted closer to the date.

Camera tripod for night photography
Canberra in late March can range from mild to hot (15-35 degrees). Check weather conditions closer to the date.

Buzz Killington

Poll has been added - please indicate if you are able to attend. You can change your answer at any time if things change between now and the tour.


Due to the fact that only three people have indicated they will be having dinner with us I think it would be a better idea to scrap the whole dinner thing. We will be doing a City set down at 1740 before driving to Dickson for dinner. Please note the City will be the only halfway point set down.

As for the rest of the tour it will be done by on an 'On request' basis. If you want a location for night or day shots let us know, either on the board or on the day and we will try to include it.

Barry Drive

Day locations:
Red Hill lookout, OPH drive-by, Red Hill and/or Narrabundah terminus.


I may as well add my location here.....Night-Hospice (Back of bus facing National Library, etc)

Buzz Killington

We're starting to put together a list of who is attending and who isn't, so if those of you who haven't indicated attendance via the facebook event could please indicate their attendance via a post here, it would be appreciated.

Sir Pompously

Still do not have my roster, will let you all know ASAP.

King of Buses

I possibly may be coming but not sure just yet.

Bus 400

Would the terminus used by ACTION Buses out at Hall be a good location?


maybe a bit out of the way but I am not the one organising it


BTW Zac, the hospice is terrible for night photos, me and todd took photos of 990 down there one night with chris and even with a tripod there is very little light, i would propose dusk for that location as it is a nice spot but just at night time it is way too hard to get a decent photo


King of Buses

I'm coming and coming with 2 extras.


For those attending a booking at Jimmy's place will be made shortly with a pre-ordered banquet, I will make the booking for a large number, let us know on the day if you wish to attend this dinner



The banquet will be $21.80pp


Just to let everyone know, don't be surprised if the bus is a few minutes late by the time we get to Woden/Tuggeranong as there isn't much time. Also the timings listed above are when we will  be leaving, if you are not there on time, you will get left behind!

At this time I also wish to ask all attending members to remember to respect the bus and keep it clean and most importantly help out the older RATEC members if they need help getting on and off the bus, this help would be greatly appreciated by us.

Don't forget to have your money on you when you board, we will not take free loaders!


Thankyou to everyone that came today, it was a great night!

From left to right Pat, Neville, John, John (NB), Brock, Julian, Jean, Eddie, Damien, Martin, Luke, Trevor, Carole, Craig, Melba, Chris, Ed, Zac.

Will post other pictures later on today.


did u drive through red hill, orta have gone past my place lol jks

King of Buses

I'll put my photos of the tour on sometime this week when I'm not practising for my debating!

Barry Drive

The final itinerary was as follows:

Belconnen Community Bus Station (Platform 5)
City Bus Station/Northbourne Ave (Platform 10)
Woden Bus Station (Platform 8 )
Tuggeranong Bus Station (Platform 6)
Tuggeranong Bus Depot drive-through
Theodore Terminus
via Monaro Highway and Mugga Lane to
former Red Hill Terminus (Dalrymple St)
partial route 935 through Narrabundah/Red Hill to
Arthur Circle (photo stop at Heritage shelter)
Red Hill Lookout
Old Kingston Depot
via Causeway, Kingston Foreshore to
Old Parliament House
National Gallery
City Bus Station set down
Dickson - dinner break

Belconnen Bus Station set down
Anzac Parade
Duntroon / Staff Cadet Ave
Brindabella Business Park
Tuggeranong Bus Station set down
Belconnen Bus Station set down

Buzz Killington

A great write-up of the day at the 'On Four Wheels' blog.