Our next tour?

Started by Snorzac, May 01, 2011, 08:39:41 PM

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With the Sydney Bus and Coach show on this year I am gauging interest in hiring a coach or mini bus for a day to take us up to look around there and possibly also visit some of the operators in Sydney.

IIRC the show is on October 5/6 which is a weekday in school holidays. For this one if we do go ahead we will need to have numbers in early so that we can book our bus.

Any ideas you would like to add to this please post here.


that sounds good, i would love to come along :)

Irisbus Rider

A group from Tasmania are doing this (utilising a coach from Melb). If you contact that group, you may be able to further discussions with them and work something out.


Waaay ahead of you!


Is anyone interested in this? If I get ten people interested in the day trip I will organize a mini bus.