Trip Report Newcastle-Canberra

Started by triumph, October 10, 2018, 09:32:42 PM

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Travelled Canberra to Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, (Landrover Discovery Sport - nice) and back. Return by public transport between Hamilton (Newcastle and Canberra).

3rd Oct 2018
Arriving Hamilton driven along Hunter St - new Light Rail installation is complete in Hunter St. It shares traffic lane with traffic and median is limited to a narrow kerbed zone central between the two tracks. No wired overhead with short recharge bars mounted above track at each stop.
Hamilton-Strathfield V set 18, carriage DIM8069
Strathfield-Mulgrave A set ('Waratah') A25, carriage D6425

4th Oct
Mulgrave-Central T Set ('Tangara') T99, carriage D6286
Board train to Circle but breakdown ahead. Changed to North Shore train.
Central-Wynyard A Set ('Waratah') A13, carriage N5513
Art Gallery-Queen Victoria Building stops bus 2056, rte 441
Town Hall-Mulgrave T set ('Tangara') T99 (again), carriage N5274

5th Oct
Mulgrave-Central A set ('Waratah') A77, carriage N5577
Central-Canberra Explorer 3 car set, carriage D (rear), 2521
Journey completed by ACTION buses 586 (rte 252) and 474 (rte 315)