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Canberra Metro / Re: Tram Discussion
Last post by triumph - Yesterday at 11:17:56 PM
The Canberra Times today at page 12 (print version) reports on a thorough examination of LRV11 for cracking and found none. This followed the standing down of the Sydney fleet operating the Central to Dulwich Hill route after the discovery of cracking.
The item says that LRV11 is at the time of inspection, the most travelled of the fleet at 192,000km. It also remarks that (being of a slightly newer manufacture) that there are structural differences between the two CAF fleets (even though both are the same basic model).
Interestingly, in Sydney's fleet, cracking was found in the 'bump stop'. This implies to me rougher track with consequent stresses on their LRVs which do not apply to Canberra. Most of the Central- Dulwich Hill route uses former heavy rail track disused when freight trains ceased operating. As such with sleeper and ballast it is quite different to the arrangement in Canberra where rails are fixed in a concrete slot with a commercial fixing fill for an inherently smoother life. I recollect riding to Dulwich Hill a while back and wondering at the time what was to be done about track ballast maintenance, as the ride was quite rough here and there.
Another interesting detail I came across may provide a reason for the newer fleet used between Circular Quay and Kingsford/Randwick not being available to use to Dulwich Hill. The CAF Dulwich Hill route requires the LRV wheels to suit heavy rail profile, whereas the newer fleet has a profile to suit the newly laid street running track with normal grooved rail. The differences are subtle with no change in the basic gauge. And yes, the newer fleet can move along the Dulwich Hill route, under particular conditions, when needing to go to the heavy maintenance depot, but not for ordinary everyday running.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Route / Timetable discussi...
Last post by narc855 - Yesterday at 07:33:54 PM
That should because the construction work of Pro Hart Ave was not finished at that time.
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - Yesterday at 04:07:01 PM
969 (71S)
336 (71N)
Routes and Timetables / Re: Route / Timetable discussi...
Last post by triumph - Yesterday at 12:18:20 PM
Have noticed a change in Strathnairn route 903.
Originally route doubled back via Arriotti, Havard, and Fairbrother Streets. It now continues on along and to the end (?) of Pro Hart Avenue, approximately a further 1/2km beyond Fairbrother, before doubling back at that point with a new stop there. (The street where Pro Hart currently ends seems yet to be name posted but may be Sally Ross Way.)
This change seems to have happened sometime since the July 18th 2020 printed TT booklet. Never noticed any TC announcement in Service Alerts ( perhaps buried in News) - can anyone enlighten?
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - Yesterday at 11:41:15 AM
Put toe back in after lockdown....

101 (103)

010 (RX1)
011 (R1)
004 (R1)

003 (R1)
649 (R2)
533 (R2) Omitted (yet again) timetabled Rail Station diversion - driver adamant cancelled 2 to 3 networks back.
322 (54)
101 (903)
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - November 30, 2021, 08:05:24 PM
Caught a new record of buses for the year, details of which I will not reveal until the end of the year.
Today's honourable mentions are:
930 (R5)
932 (57)
951 (R5)
960 (60)

I am getting much closer to my decade goal and I'm doing really well with my Renault riding. If all the routes I've located throughout the day were to have Renault's on them on a day I caught them, I could be looking at <16 different Renault shifts - sometimes the same bus is used, like today with 971.
Infrastructure / Re: Woden Town Centre Upgrades
Last post by Barry Drive - November 29, 2021, 07:49:24 PM
Callam Street was closed to regular traffic (between Launceston St and Bradley St) today.

Bus movements between Matilda St and Bowes St temporarily occur through the layover area.
Photo of the Month / Re: December 2021 - voting ope...
Last post by Barry Drive - November 27, 2021, 05:59:48 PM
Voting has commenced.
Photo of the Month / Re: December 2021 - open for n...
Last post by Barry Drive - November 26, 2021, 11:22:08 PM

Well Station Drive (tram stop)

Bus 689 at Fraser West
Routes and Timetables / Re: Jerrabomberra buses
Last post by Busnerd - November 25, 2021, 08:00:43 PM
Whilst we're at it I propose to introduce new peak hour only services between Tuggeranong Interchange and Queanbeyan Interchange.

Travelling towards Tuggeranong in AM peak and towards Queanbeyan in PM peak with 2 services operating daily in each direction serviced by Qcity and only accepting cash tickets or Qcity travel card, this will be known as the 840.
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