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Photo of the Month / POTM August 2022
Last post by Barry Drive - August 01, 2022, 10:26:02 AM
Since there was no Photo of the Month at the regular time, we'll do it now with a shortened time frame.

Usual rules apply: nominations are now open. You may submit three photos but only if all three are of different bus types ("type" includes body: so a CB80, Bustech and Volgren K320 are all considered as different). Otherwise you may submit two.

If there are sufficient photos in 3 days, voting will commence then.
General Discussion / Re: Bus sighting
Last post by triumph - July 31, 2022, 11:57:45 PM
Friday 29th July early afternoon an R3 rarity seen Spence bound in Alpen St - BUS958. The first Renault PR2 I have seen for sure operating an R3. (Had previously seen a long time ago the disappearing rear of a PR2 which appeared to be operating an R3.)
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - July 31, 2022, 11:44:15 PM
413 (R3)
353 (57)
420 (57)
707 (58) Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St, layover, Matilda St back to Callam St due works.
003 (R1)
558 (18) incl diversion from Well Station Dr along Flemington Rd and Nullabor Ave to Cultivation St due works. Noted PID continued to show ordinary route stops by-passed.
377 (R8)
450 (R3)

710 (23)
934 (23)

632 (R3)
702 (R3)

714 (R6)
689 (R2)
934 (R2)
014 (R1)
003 (R1)

495 (R2)
700 (R9)
001 (R1)
010 (R1)

001 (R1)
711 (53)
439 (R4)

451 (R3)
720 (R2)
519 (R5) Complicated arrival Woden Interchange. From Callam St via Matilda St, layover, Bowes St back to Callam St thence normal entry to Interchange due works.
512 (R5) Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St to Launceston St due works.
007 (R1)
390 (R9)
455 (R3)

465 (R3)
713 (R4)
008 (R1)
014 (R1)
721 (R2) Took a while, last of new tranche of buses to be ridden.
681 (R4)
446 (R4)
436 (R3)

439 (R3)
394 (57)
579 (57)
691 (R5)  Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St to Launceston St due works.
001 (R1)
578 (R9)
559 (R3)

420 (R3)
579 (32)
574 (32)
486 (R3)

705 (51)
720 (30)
664 (R8)
001 (R1)

Infrastructure / Re: Turner Layover
Last post by Northside - July 31, 2022, 11:05:07 PM
The original riotact article suggested otherwise. I wonder if this has changed or was incorrectly reported?

QuoteThere will also be adjustments to the alignment of the southern approach of the intersection which will allow for buses to enter and depart from Kingsley Street, while access from the western approach of Barry Drive will be through the existing driveway along Watson Street.
Infrastructure / Re: Turner Layover
Last post by Snorzac - July 31, 2022, 10:18:14 PM
There is no access from Watson street, that is emergency access only 
Infrastructure / Re: Turner Layover
Last post by Bus 400 - July 31, 2022, 06:28:25 PM
City West Layover land is owned by the ANU, or was. 

There is also an access point from Watson Street for buses from Belconnen.
General Discussion / Re: Looks like the forum is ba...
Last post by triumph - July 31, 2022, 06:19:52 PM
Clearly, quite some effort is involved in providing the ACTBUS website and associated forum and data. Much appreciation and thanks are due to the Administrators for their endeavours.
Infrastructure / Re: Turner Layover
Last post by triumph - July 31, 2022, 06:13:10 PM
The Turner Layover main gates seem to have been open since at least the last weekend.

On Wed (27/7) morning there was a bus (540, I think) parked there. So it is definitely now in use.

A driver told me that 'some' drivers are using it, but the old University Ave layover remains the preference for most. So it seems that use of the new layover is optional at present.

Another detail mentioned is that left turn entry to the new layover is not permitted for buses coming S along Barry Dr (ie from Belconnen) and needing to lay over. To gain access thus involves continuing to Northbourne Ave before being able to 'go round the block' and return, or simply going to the old layover and doubling back (why would you bother?).

(On realising the value of the existing site mentioned in a preceding post, I had assumed it was public property, but that may not be the case. Does anyone know if it is leased from a private/institutional owner?) 
General Discussion / Looks like the forum is back
Last post by Stan butler - July 30, 2022, 07:45:39 PM
General Discussion / Good source for articles
Last post by Stan butler - July 09, 2022, 10:39:54 PM
If anyone wants any "light" reading that has also been peer reviewed, and is of calibre, then check out:

Search for bus, aviation or whatever.  One example when searching on "bus" gives this artilce called "The effect of an active steering system on city bus drivers' muscle activity".  Plenty of others that may interest you.  This is an academic resource so no "Mickey mouse" or poorly written articles.

Some articles are open for public access - but many are not as they are from academic journals.  Give me a yell if you find an article that interests you but is locked as I have access through uni.

Fwiw - I use this source (and others) for my academic research.

Have fun with it.  Much better than reading kfc menus.