Hindmarsh DR resealing

Started by lukeo25, January 23, 2009, 08:17:27 PM

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Hindmarsh DR is getting resealed starting 2/2/09 to the 10/2/09 any1 know about diversions in place yet? but i do not where from or if they are doing the whole road or in parts?

Irisbus Rider

They usually reseal in parts, and let the traffic through.....slowly.

Buzz Killington

something tells me they're not going to reseal the whole road, luke, especially in just 8 days!

Bus 400

Especially as I think that Woden bound from Mugga Lane to top of the hill was the latest part to be resealed.


As long as they reseal the bit near cit, where there's some mofoing huge potholes, i'll be happy..

Bus 400

You will be able to tell where they are re-sealing by the spray paint marks on the road.