Bonner Stage 2 Bus Services

Started by Bus 400, June 22, 2009, 10:41:07 PM

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Bus 400

Here is the Public Transport subsection on the Bonner Stage 2 Estate:

9.0 Public Transport
The Estate layout allows a number of bus route options that can link the suburb to the ACTION
network. Roads 4, 9, 27 and 40 are collector roads that have been designed to accommodate buses
within shared use lanes and non-indented bus stops.
The final route selection and location of bus stops will be determined in consultation with ACTION and
co-coordinated with the rest of the city network; however ACTION has confirmed that the Bonner road
layout will not place any constraints on their network.

Here is a map of Bonner Stage 2, you'll have to save the document & zoom in to read it.

An ACTION Represenative was shown this report & gave no comment (that is in the report its self). While other agencies gave lots of replies.

This document can be found at