Territory Plan-Public Transport (Part 5-North Weston/Molonglo Valley)

Started by Bus 400, July 11, 2009, 11:58:19 PM

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Bus 400

3. Higher density development will be encouraged within and near major centres,
and in other suitable locations well served by public transport, maximising
accessibility to services, facilities and employment.
5. Community facility sites will be located close to public transport and generally
in places where, for reasons of safety, people already have a cause to congregate,
particularly at shopping centres and schools.
37. The local neighbourhood is to be generally based on a walkable radius of around
400 metres from an activity node such as a park, bus stop, shops, community
facility or school.
75. The north-south Molonglo arterial is to connect Coulter Drive and/or Bindubi
Street in the north and to Cotter Road in the south. The road will also form part
of a major public transport route for the city.
76. An east-west arterial road is to connect the Molonglo arterial road at the
proposed group centre to the Tuggeranong Parkway.
81. The road layout is to be designed to expand the inter-town bus network by
creating an orbital system which uses the north-south arterial to link to
surrounding districts (eg. Belconnen, Weston Creek, Woden Valley and the
82. The Intertown Public Transport (IPT) route will be investigated further to
possibly connect to Bindubi Street to the north, and to Adelaide Avenue via
Cotter Road to the south.

North Weston
16. The street network will accommodate public transport and provide appropriate
street frontage to existing institutions and facilities (subject to their security and
other requirements).

15. Public transport connections will be provided across the north of the Weston Creek
Pond wall, through North Weston and connecting to Cotter Road.
18. A collector road, minimum 24 metres wide and suitable for buses, is to connect the
activity node located adjacent to the intersection of Cotter Road and the north-south
arterial, with the proposed collector road from North Weston crossing the Weston
Creek Pond embankment. This road is to be lined with large street trees to form a
strong landscape horizon along the ridge line and provide legibility to the hierarchy
of streets.
28. An activity node/ local centre is to be provided at the junction of Cotter Road and
the north-south arterial road, with localised retail business, bus stop, small north
facing plaza space with views to the Weston Creek Pond and parklands, formal
open space and higher density housing. This will link with sites fronting the Weston
Creek Pond, including the site adjacent to the pond.

Maps associated with these reports will be posted soon