Bus Stops Frozen In Time-Part 2 Dryandra Street O'CONNOR

Started by Bus 400, July 29, 2009, 02:19:12 PM

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Bus 400

Went for a bit of a drive today & decided to check if the bus shleter was still on Dryandra Street. I was surprised to find the timetable was still there was well. One side dated 2007, the other dated 2006.

Both North Bound Stops (this timetable dated 2007)

Both South Bound Stops (this timetable dated 2006)


Bus 400

Unless my eyes are going, can anyone tell me what is wrong with the timetable in the last photo?


Bus 400

Phew I wasn't seeing things, shows that passengers never read the timetable/what's on the bus.


Well if these stops are no longer serviced, maybe a driver or someone could email ACTION telling them they should remove the stops and/or timetables.

Bus 400

I have been told that ACTION rarely take bus stops away as one day a service may return to those roads. Then if ACTION decide to send a bus down that road & residents on that street bitch & moan about the noisy bus, it can be said "Well we have placed a bus stop there ages ago & what do you think we were going to do with the bus stop?"

That is the reason why the bus stops are still up on the Old Route 18 (Network 06), among others.

But if anyone wants to say something the stop numbers are 3059 & 3151.

Irisbus Rider

They're usually pretty good with removal of stops, Mitchell has had it's stops removed at the top of Hoskins St, and every now and then, people still try to signal the bus down from these stops (BUS STOP is still painted on the road though).

Buzz Killington