Tertiary Open Day 2009 Bus Timetable

Started by Bus 400, August 27, 2009, 08:06:13 PM

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Bus 400

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Sir Pompously

Bus 400

This is the main thing wrong

QuoteIt will travel throughout the day to the five participating institutions and stop off along the way at Canberra's main bus stations.
Yet it the only bus stations are City Interchange & the brand new Airport Bus Station.


Tertiary Open Day 29 August 2009 (9am-4pm) Bus Timetable

Action Buses will be providing a special bus service for Tertiary Open Day. Running on Saturday the 29th of August, the bus service is available between 9am and 4pm. It will travel throughout the day to the five participating institutions and stop off along the way at Canberra's main bus terminals.
City - Bus interchange    CIT Reid    ADFA    Airport    ADFA    CIT Reid    City - Bus interchange
9.00a    9.05a    9.15a    9.30a    9.40a    9.50a    9.55a
10.00a    10.05a    10.15a    10.30a    10.40a    10.50a    10.55a
11.00a    11.05a    11.15a    11.30a    11.40a    11.50a    11.55a
12.00p    12.05p    12.15p    12.30p    12.40p    12.50p    12.55p
1.00p    1.05p    1.15p    1.30p    1.40p    1.50p    1.55p
2.00p    2.05p    2.15p    2.30p    2.40p    2.50p    2.55p
3.00p    3.05p    3.15p    3.30p    3.40p    3.50p    3.55p

For a full timetable and bus route, including bus stop locations, please download the provided pdf. (939kb)

Irisbus Rider

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Quote from: lukeo25 on August 27, 2009, 09:24:17 PM
is it a free service ?
The first line on the TOD service page on the ACTION website;
Quote from: ACTIONA free special bus service for Tertiary Open Day will be running on Saturday the 29th of August.

Quote from: Sir Pompously on August 28, 2009, 01:11:48 PM
lol, Airport Bus Station.....
Do they mean the terminal? Will we see ACTION buses going to the terminal? If so, what a photo op! Would love to get a few photos of an ACTION bus in front of the Canberra Airport terminal. Hasn't happened for 9 years!

Bus 400

The same bus services are once again running for the Teritary Open Day 2010. More information can be found at http://www.action.act.gov.au/tertiary_open_day.html

Sir Pompously

Lol, City Bus Station............ :P

I see they have re-used the page from last year, as both dates mentioned on the same page are different (The ACTION Proofreader, where are they now?).

Good to see they are running to the airport again this year (Photo Op), hopefully it will be better signed though.

Bus 400

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I decided to take both shuttles today. The ANU/UC run only had 2 people to start with (includes me & both of us got off at City Interchange) & only picked up 2/3 other passengers. Had a bit of fun on Haydon Drive as the driver almost didn't turn up College street, so reversed back & had a car remind him he was there. No one got on/off at the ACU stop, but if you're not careful a bus can whack gutter entering. Even though the desto had "Chartered"on & we were in the middle lane of Northbourne Avenue, people still flagged the bus down & then checked the bollards (apparently ACTION now mention when charters are coming past). Buses 396 & 399 were the 2 on this run & it was good to see Tuggeranong Redex buses out on the weekend.

The ADFA run had a few more passengers, no one got off at CIT & the bus emptied out at ADFA & more got on. We ran to the Airport Bus Station & sat right beind a Deanes Airliner (so photo op missed) for 10 minutes. The Airport Bus Station (at the moment) is sort of at the back of the taxi rank near the QANTAS terminal. A few passengers came up to the ACTION bus seeing if it was going to the City, but they were knocked back (can't get in Mr Snow or Deanes bad books). Same thing on the way back. Belconnen Depot had a few problems filling this shift, so Bus 419 & City Supervisor were on this run.

The big thing I noticed was how different the roads around the airport are & how much the new terminal has grown (last time I was there it was like 05:30 in the morning & pitch black).



At least non-Canberry people would have got some nice weather on Saturday, considering how bad it was leading up to the weekend!!

Bus 400

Once again the same Teritary Open Day is on in 2011. The same services will be on, including a stop at the Airport Bus Station, this will be interesting as the bus stop set up has changed since the last Teritary Open Day. Any who, no details can be found on the ACTION website yet. However after a bit of research I found the timetable for the 2011 Teritary Open Day Specials & they can be found at http://www.tertiaryopenday.com/storage/ACTION_Timetable.pdf

Sir Pompously

Still don't know how people are going to find this "Airport Bus Station". People can't find the Airliner, let alone the carparks, how are they going to find a mystery bus station?

Bus 400

It may have to do with DTG's Airliner not there, but on one the one ADFA Shuttle I was on a few passengers jumped on our bus at Canberra Airport & actually jumped off at ADFA.

Bus 400

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ACTION's one day a year bus service to the Canberra Airport is on again on the 25th August.
Details can be found at the usual website at https://www.action.act.gov.au/tertiary_open_day.html

Sadly the Airport Bus Station is no more. With the plain old Airport name being used.