Christmas Day Services 2009

Started by Buzz Killington, December 02, 2009, 09:21:31 PM

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Buzz Killington

ACTION are running the 300 on Christmas Day, plus the 90-series routes serving the suburbs.

Note that Belconnen services all depart from Cameron Ave Station.

The timetable can be found here

Barry Drive

Just had a look at the Christmas Day timetables on the ACTION website -- not only does it have the timetable, but a route map as well for each service.

The ACTBUS Routes section will need to be updated to list the route directions.

Buzz Killington

Thanks Martin, I'll get around to updating those.

Looks like its TS if you live in Forde.. The route goes straight past it.

Irisbus Rider

Dunlop too. The closest services are either Osburn Dr or Tillyard Dr.

And the routes are crazy, there are so many spots that you wouldn't see buses the other 364 days of the year. What a photo op!


I've caught them in years past. You get the same bus on every route all day.

So for example one year, 311 did the 9 (now 99) every service and so on. incl. a lunch break

Buzz Killington

The route directions have now been added to the pages for Routes 91-99 on ACT Bus.

Quote from: Irisbus Rider on December 23, 2009, 09:58:23 PM
What a photo op!

Anywhere in particular?

Irisbus Rider

Citing Belconnen + Gungahlin as an example:
- Lachlan St (between Fulton and Bennelong Sts), Macquarie
- Fulton St, Macquarie
- Catchpole St, Macquarie
- Findlay St (between Kinsella and Kingsford Smith Dr), Higgins
- Osburn Dr (between Archdall St and Florey Dr), Macgregor
- O'Loghlen St (between Southern X Dr and Onslow st), Latham

- Clancy St (between Ashkanasy Cres and Copland Dr), Evatt
- Copland Dr (between Clancy St and Spence Terminus), Spence/Evatt
- Magrath Cres, Spence
- Moroney St, Fraser/Spence

- Burrowa St, Palmerston
- Gungahlin Dr (between Kosziusco Aves), Palmerston
- Pallin St, Gungahlin
- Sarre St, Gungahlin
- Tesselar St, Gungahlin

All of those (sections of) streets are not serviced by a regular route service, perhaps, some of them are serviced by a school bus, but not a route bus. So, it will be a photo op, to get a photo where you wouldn't usually see a bus. Especially, considering quite a few of these streets were used in previous networks of days gone by.

I'm sure there are many more in Inner North/South Canberra, Weston Ck, Woden and Tuggeranong, but I don't know the directions of routes very well in those areas. If anyone would like to bring more to the table, feel free.

Edit: Incorrect St listed

The Love Guru

Wanganeen Av (between Gungahlin Dr and Jabanungga Av), Ngunnawal

This part is still serviced by the 951 on the weekends. EPIC FAIL there John! LOL, i thought you were supposed to be a gunzel, pfft.

Irisbus Rider

No! Dammit! Right you are. The list will be altered appropriately.

BTW all, Merry Xmas!


Doing the Route 93 was a bludge. Getting paid 17 hrs for doing 6.5 hours work, can't complain.

Buzz Killington

I did see the 93 today, would have been the last route.

Did you have many passengers Ed?


QuoteDid you have many passengers Ed?

Only a few per run, most I've got was six, least I've got was one (not surprisingly on the last run)


It is good we actually get buses in Canberra on Christmas day. Would you beleive that in London (where I currently live, 1 more year before I come home) there are none what so ever on Christmas day. Last year I wrote to TfL about it and was advised it was so drivers could spend time with their family and because demand was so low. Both sound like BS to me.

Buzz Killington

Demand may be low, but there are still people who will need to rely on public transport on Christmas Day if they want to see their friends or family.

It's good to see that ACTION still manage to run a half-decent skeleton service on Christmas Day that would allow these people to get out and about instead of potentially spending a day alone, and save them a lot of money in a return cab fare.