Narrabundah service

Started by smitho, January 16, 2010, 10:56:28 AM

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While dead running I've noticed a bus stop complete with yellow post and landing pad on the left side of Matina St several hundred metres north of the Narrabundah terminus; it doesn't have 'school bus only' sign.

Can anyone clarify if this is left from a former route service and if so, which one?

Barry Drive

There was a time when night-time route 35 continued to the Railway Station (via Matina St) rather than terminate at Narrabundah. I believe there is another set of stops further along Matina St (TP3000 posted a Google street view image of this some time ago).


Thanks Martin.

Talking of the railway station, while I was out there doing Redex during the week, the Countrylink people were saying what a boon the Redex was for rail passengers (although the taxi companies aren't so happy).

The reinstated 'lunchtime' Xplorer services to/from Sydney were being very well patronised - no doubt, Redex would have helped with them too.

Buzz Killington

Good to hear! I'm sure the flow on effect is of benefit to both ACTION and Countrylink.

Irisbus Rider

Yeah, definately! It's great to finally see an intergrated public transport network, in the ACT, where commuters can simply get off the train, straight onto RedEx. I hope this vital link betwen the City and the Railway station will be somehow be retained when the RedEx changes come into play.