Route 3/934 Diversion (10/04/2010 to 07/05/2010)

Started by Bus 400, April 26, 2010, 10:54:22 PM

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Bus 400

A diversion has been in for a few weeks now, but due to Kent Street being closed for the construction of a roundabout at the entrance of Equinox Business Centre Routes 3 & 934 have to take the following diversion:

City Bound
C Kent Street
L Carruthers Street
R Denison Street
R Strickland Street
C Normal Route

Woden Bound
C Strickland Street
L Denison Street
L Carruthers Street
R Kent Street

The road closure notice can be found at

I may be mistaken, but going by my 934 trip recently a diversion sheet hasn't been added to the shift cards. I say this as my last 934 trip the bus driver went to take a left onto Kent Street & ended up having to do a 3 point turn using the bowling club car park entrance (which was taped off after the footpath).