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What is a Gunzel/foamer ?

Started by route56, March 24, 2012, 07:03:21 PM

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Yesterday I gave a lift to a bloke I know and he mentioned in a long winded anecdote how he went on holiday with a friend to some town in Germany where they were changing the trams from narrow to standard gauge, and that he also went on a trip to the states to see a steam engine that had just been restored. I then asked him if he was a gunzel. he said 'whats that?' He had never heard the term. i asked him if he was a foamer. he hadnt heard of that. i mentioned then that i went on a bus gunzelling trip to Goulburn Rail museum, which set him off again on another train related anecdote, culminating in him telling me about his g scale (i think) outdoor train set in his backyard.

Question - is he in gunzel denial? What is the definition of gunzel?

Irisbus Rider

After consulting the Wiki 'Gunzel' page - I'd say that yes, your friend is a gunzel. I'm surprisd he has never come across the term, or other people in the hobby.....then again, that may be by choice!


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Interesting that wikipedia doesnt have a separate gunzel page and refers to railfan. as we know there can also be 'bus gunzels'. there is a dedicated wikitionary page: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gunzel

maybe he doesnt associate with them by choice ? I do know that a local restaurant has shut its doors due to an undesirable bus gunzel presence which had started to frequent it.

Buzz Killington

Has Rubees shut down or something?


Unfortunately the chef has moved out, and it will be rebranded as Goodberrys under new owners in May.