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Kings Av bus stop

Started by vnguyen, June 10, 2014, 12:15:52 AM

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I'be noticed there is a bus stop on Kings Av near the corner of National Circuit. So far I've seen no buses servicing it. Is it a new bus stop for the proposed route 6 for Network 2014?


yes, been there for months


Kings Ave south of National Cct, southbound? I'm fairly sure that's a disused stop from many years ago.


Quote from: 743 on June 10, 2014, 02:52:04 PM
Kings Ave south of National Cct, southbound? I'm fairly sure that's a disused stop from many years ago.

It looks fairly new to me or in that case I haven't noticed that stop when it was in use.

Bus 400

Over a year ago, these new stops were installed. I'm fairly certain the old Kings Avenue bus stop pads are still visible, just north of the new stops.

Sir Pompously

I am sure they removed them when they put these new ones in, replaced with grass! However I would say that these won't be used as they seem to want common corridors for buses running through the area to increase frequency, so chances are they were just upgraded as a part of a works program for no reason :-)


so the 6 still might go through Barton Interchange and to Parliament House via Brisbane Ave?

Sir Pompously

Who knows, we will only find out when the network is released. However the Government want a more streamlined service and running one service up Kings Avenue to service two stops that are of little to no use falls outside of that model.

Barry Drive

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The stop was built at the same time as the major stop upgrade on Kings Ave. Refer to this media release -

QuoteTwo new bus stops are being constructed on Kings Avenue to support the increased services at this new Barton bus station,

Based on the proposed Route 6, the one route through Parliament House might travel along Kings Ave, rather than Brisbane Ave, making it a (slightly) more streamlined service.


It would be a waste of the government's money if none of the routes are going to using it. Either way it could be used for a route in the near future.