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New Australian TV drama

Started by smitho, October 14, 2014, 10:59:13 PM

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The new Aussie ABC TV drama, "The Code", has some curious production hiccups which are fun to pick up. Early in Episode 1, we hear the sound of a speeding steam locomotive approaching some of the lead characters at night....very atmospheric until the train comes into view, which turns out to be one of the modern NR class diesel locomotive hauling a silver passenger train (probably the 'Indian-Pacific')....what an anti-climax!

A number of Outback policemen feature in the show. These ones look as if they're straight off the streets of inner-city Hawthorn or Redfern. They're dressed in standard light blue, short sleeve shirt, long trousers and standard issue police style baseball hats. In reality, Outback coppers typically wear a broad brim Akubra and kharki shirts and trousers.