Milestone in Woden Valley bus services

Started by smitho, October 17, 2014, 07:52:24 PM

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The 50th birthday of urban settlement of the suburb of Curtin was celebrated with a Party at The Shops, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the formal commissioning of Lake Burley Griiffin.

Curtin's bus service commenced in October 1964, with runs commencing at the corner of Theodore and Holman Streets, continue Theodore, left turn Carruthers, right turn McCulloch, right turn Cotter Road, then Barton and Civic. This quick, direct route survived for many years. Initial frequency was around 12 return services per weekday.

There was much criticism of the NCDC at the time because essential infrastructure was not ready for the new settlers; there was limited shopping facilities and access to the Curtin Group Centre from the north and east was only convenient via the Cotter Road as the Carruthers St bridge over the Yarralumla Creek was not yet available for the new arrivals.

To improve shopping opportunities for Curtin pioneers, limited frequency shopping buses were operated to Deakin and Yarralumla; these were not particularly well patronised. There were few if any shops at the emerging Woden Town Centre; indeed, when Curtin eventually got its shopping centre, lunchtime buses operated from Woden Town Centre to Curtin shops so that Woden workers could do shoppingh there.

Bus 400

I have a copy of the Network 1962 map, it shows bus route 17 going to the turn around on Theodore Street at the top of hill before Mawarrah St. It went, Theodore St, L Carruthers St, L McCulloch St, R Dudley St (Cotter Road terminated here back then), C Adelaide Ave, R National Cct, then via Hotel Kurrajong & Canberra Threatre.
It had weird frequencies, from 90 minute gaps to 40 minute gaps.
Services ran from  06:45 to 22:35 (City bound) & 07:00 to 23:00 (or when then the play at the Threatre finished) (Curtin bound) , Monday to Friday. Roughly the same on Saturday. Last Sunday service left City at 16:15, with the return journey (meant to) terminating at Hotel Kurrajong on every day.
While I have the map out, by the look of thingd, the journey cost 4 sections which was 1/3. If my memory serves me correct this was 1 shilling & threepence.


Thanks - fascinating detail Bus 400.

You're right....1/3 is a shilling and three pence, which converts to 12 cents.


Quote from: smitho on October 18, 2014, 11:05:17 PM
Thanks - fascinating detail Bus 400.

You're right....1/3 is a shilling and three pence, which converts to 12 cents.
Wish bus travel still was that cheap :-\