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Started by Bus 503, October 09, 2015, 06:51:32 AM

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Bus 503

I thought we might use this thread to share any artworks of buses that you have drawn.

Drawings don't have to be at a professional standard.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Awesome :D
I asked one of the admins about sharing my artworks on the gallery, but here's just as good. You made this in light of my post on your game didn't you :)

Well I'll start off with the ones that i put into your game ;)
so the AOA randoms, of course, my avatar with bus 987 that I made, a fake My Way card for a business assignment, my greatest drawing of all (atm) of the old Woden Bus Interchange, and the info sheets I carry with me.

I'll upload some more when I can find (and bother to scan) some more. :)
not today though, cause I'm going Bus hopping again soon  :o

Bus 503

The AOA of Floriade is awesome!

An artwork drawing done today. Not a very good one,) can't decide what colour to do for the windows  fleet numbers and mirrors (which haven't been drawn on yet.)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Credits to Barry Drive for reminding me of some long no-so-lost artworks I use to do on a daily basis. Some of you may remember, if you are retired bus drivers or passengers of a driver recipient, I use to give away bus tickets with little drawings on them. At one point I was so into it, I made a little game, where if a driver was so good, and collected all the different ones, I would tip him ;D never got to that stage though :( anyways, here are a few of the tickets with drawings on them ;)

@Bus 503, what happened to yours?

Sylvan Loves Buses

Also, not exactly an artwork, unless you count the artworks within it :P but I'm now going to use this as my account picture 8)

what do you think? hell of a mess isn't it :P

Sylvan Loves Buses

Ugh, how could I forget this one, staring me in the face EVERY DAY!!!

King of Buses

I'm not usually the sort of person who does much drawing, and I haven't actually drawn anything for well over two years. But after the commissioned drawing of ACTION BUS.986 by Newcastle Productions and drawings done by other bus enthusiasts lately, I thought I'd have another go at drawing (plus I was home sick...).

So not trying to compete with other drawings of this bus and other buses, I present my drawing of Renault PR180.2 MKII/Ansair Articulated BUS.986

Sylvan Loves Buses

Wow, that's pretty good :popping:

Was that free hand from memory,
sketched from a photo with a ruler,

Sylvan Loves Buses

isn't anyone else going to post anything? I'd love to see what others can do!

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'm sure that a few of you may have noticed around November last year on ACTIONs facebook page some impressive drawings, well (obviously) those were mine that I emailed to ACTIONs MyWay team who forwarded them to the marketing team.

But anyway, I've been meaning to post them here too for you guys to see too. In a ruled book that I carry with me everyday, I have nearly 6 pages completed, full of 'Depot Layout' buses, that I have been drawing for the past 2 1/2 years.

I will update them here as I complete each set. Also, these buses were drawn when they were around at the time that I sketched them, and each (but the old artics) had to be seen before I could colour them in. If I failed to see them before they got removed (PRs), I would colour them lighter, which you will notice on some of them.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Can't upload all of them at once cause for some random reason they're so bloody big (in bites)

but any who...

Also, I will upload the next set (Steer-tags and Artics) when I have finished drawing, colouring them in, and sending the to ACTION to admire :P


Nice! Was this what you were working on earlier?

Sylvan Loves Buses

Quote from: Busfanatic101 on February 19, 2016, 09:53:40 PM
Nice! Was this what you were working on earlier?

the steer-tags and artics, yes. I've finished the s-tags (just need to see them all to colour them), and im up to 513 in the sketches.

The Love Guru

Wow! No really, Wow! Seriously dedicated to the task at hand I'll give you that much. I am a little disappointed with the lack of smoke and fire damage on 300 though :P

Sylvan Loves Buses

Well, I did draw 300 way before it caught on fire, and any past drawings, I don't go back to fix up (unless the ink has faded - which happens sometimes if I accidentally leave the book lying in the sunlight :-X)

(edit) well there's still 30 or so pages left in the book, and many other ACTION busy drawings I plan to put in there, maybe I might someday put in a destructions page :P

Sylvan Loves Buses

well, here's my first attempt of drawing the new trial bus, just with the photos provided by Bus 503

Sylvan Loves Buses

not exactly sure if this qualifies as an artwork, but...

finally uploaded it

King of Buses

My attempt at drawing 490...

Sylvan Loves Buses

Sylvan Loves Buses

I was just going through a box in my room just now trying to find something (not bus related), when I started diigging up all these old bus drawings. Thought I'd show you guys.

At one point, I was so into the Irises and Scanias, I made a stack of A4 sized drawings, not just of ACTION, but Sydney Buses too (when I was crazy about Sydney Buses). I also made some big Artics and at some point, I started making my drawings look good, as if they started taking their correct shape.

Sylvan Loves Buses

And because it deserves it's own post, say hello to one of my very first Bus Drawings! (made around 1999)

Amazing how it's gone from an outline to a fully coloured masterpiece in 17-ish years

Sylvan Loves Buses

I tried searching for one of the AOA discussion pages, and I did find 3 of them, but I wasn't sure which would've been more appropriate.
So instead I'll just post them here, as they are artworks, so they may as well fit here too.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, I started to try out the new TC livery, took a couple of reference shots of one of the TC Darts, and spent the whole route 80 to Woden trip to copy what I saw from the photos that I took - wasn't all too bad imo, although the very first as you'll see is part of my new design for next years bus logging book.

I then tried it again on the small papers I have that I give away to people, and although I screwed up the order of the specific colours I was supposed to use (I have to mix 2 colours for a part, due to my erasable pen collection not being supplied with the particular purple TC use), and it didn't turn out as good as it could've been, but I will keep trying again and again till I can get a good look for it.
The T and C letters on the livery are quite tricky to copy, but I'm getting there.

Lastly, now that I have added the TC Darts to my drawing give-away collection, the TC livery is now a livery that is locked into mind, so I can draw it on almost any bus. In turn, I tried out drawing it on a P2 yesterday, and apart from the C being a little too far from the T, I think it looks rather accurate to what it could look if ACTION were to change the P2s too that, or even put a sticker/AOA like they did with the orange/green AOAs on those few P2s. - I'll do it to a E6 in the next few days too.

Sylvan Loves Buses

And here's the E6 as promised

Sylvan Loves Buses

If I could re-upload all those images properly, I would, now that I know how to.

Anywho, here is the first attempt of me drawing the new Euro 6 bus.

or if you're too lazy to watch, here's what it looks like completed

Barry Drive

It's a good start, but I think the blue needs to be darker. And the air conditioning pod is definitely too far forward. (The front edge should be aligned with the middle of the front doors - check photo Gallery.)


The window frame on the bottom is not what the picture looks like

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Sylvan Loves Buses

Yeah, I had a little problem with the angles as I was drawing the first one, but that always happens - esp as I don't use rulers.

These are the 3 together so you can see, but scanning them as apposed to seeing them irl is quite different, the 3rd matches the colour of a photo that I have when I show it in daylight which is why I chose it.


How come you don't include bike racks

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Sylvan Loves Buses

Never liked them, as in my opinion, they kind of ruin the niceness of the designs of the buses - something I hated during the Iris/Scania/Man era.

They're tricky to draw, which is the same with rear vision mirrors too.
In the past, I was able to do the side view in a minute or 2, but when it comes to adding more details, it takes longer. Now that I do the front, door side and roofs, the drawings take a solid 20 minutes plus each (and that's just to do the outline), and generally they just look nicer without the obstructions on them.

It is something I will do for fun though on my major artworks if it's requested, such as the Mitchel Terminus one, cause with those, I'm not rushing myself to get them done within a short time period of a few minutes as apposed to a few days.

So it's more due to both the trickiness of the shapes, and the ugliness *cough* esp the bucket racks *cough*.

Bus 503

Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on February 06, 2017, 04:57:20 AM
Never liked them, as in my opinion, they kind of ruin the niceness of the designs of the buses - something I hated during the Iris/Scania/Man era.

You've mentioned on this forum many times you use the bike racks a lot so I can't understand why you don't like them.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I don't like drawing them, that's all.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Quote from: Barry Drive on February 05, 2017, 09:52:31 AMthe air conditioning pod is definitely too far forward.

Yes, you're right, I can see that now. Looking at the shot Bus 400 posted the other day, and one from the gallery I just found of 563, I can see that the pod on the Euro 6s is right at the front, but is not on the new ones - a bit like the Iris. I shall incorporate that into all future drawings of the new Euro 6s I do for now on.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Many years ago, I was playing the Bus Driver and Bus Simulator 2008 PC games, and typical of me, I wanted to try something different, and in doing so, with my PlayStation 2 Wheel, I pretended to do the game myself, but a little differently. As part of the game, I actually created a couple of new buses, a couple of concept buses. It wasn't until the last few weeks that I thought, "hmm, why don't I redraw these with my new 3D look?", and so I did. It took me a little while to dig up where I put the original sheet with the drawings on it, but fortunately, I found it!

These are the original drawings created for my concept Bus Simulator game in 2010:

And here are the remastered versions.

Firstly, one that may look familiar, the Renault PR:120.5 steer-tag - used recently on one of my terminus drawings.

Then the Renault PR:200.5 - a concept articulated steer-tag.

-Note for your reference - originally I thought the numbers on the code determined the size of the bus, cause the 2s are 100s and the artics were 180s as they were not quite but almost two full buses joined together. I still actually believe this theory, cause no one has ever really told me what they're actually indicating.

And the Renault PR:260.5 concept double articulated steer-tag (what I think are now called 'bi-articulated' buses) - just imagine driving one of those lol.

If you look closely, you can see I had a little trouble with the rear carriage. I love drawing artics, but for some reason I always have so much trouble drawing more than 2 carriages, esp when it comes to doing them where the perspective is altered.

The MAN Mini - the original drawing of these last 3 were created in 2010, but back then I wasn't drawing bus fronts, nor roofs, so the fronts and roofs of these next few were created in the past few weeks based on the parameters of the original drawings, funny enough, this one actually turned out quite good because of that.

So for example, with the first window (door side), in the original drawing it looked like it was angled similar to the Scanias and MAN have it now, but straight instead of curved. With that in my mind at the time of drawing, I knew I had to make the front window somehow connect to that, and because this bus was created at the time when I was familiarizing myself with the new designs, it needed to be something similar - being a MAN.
Considering the angle of the line and how far down it was, that meant that the front widow would've been insanely large, so to prevent that, I did a opposing lip design, and the rest was pretty much easy from there.
The last thing to figure out was the air-conditioning unit design, but that was easy to figure out due to my old style of aircon design varying from 'dot-dot-dash-dash', to 'dot-dot-dash-dash-dash', and even dot-dot-dot-dash-dash, which generally meant an Iris/Scania/MAN/Euro 5 designed aircon - except for when I look at a 2012 design of a Scania artic, which also has the same pattern, the only difference being that the end of the design finishes as a vertical line instead of a diagonal line.

A big blue bus

And a bus that may remind you of the bus from the movie 'The Big Bus'


Hi All,

After discovering this topic I thought I would upload a drawing of a Renault PR100-2 I completed on 14/05/2020.  I was inspired by some of Sylvan's drawings and more or less copied a photo I found on ACTBUS.  The bus is an O-Bahn spec Renault PR100-2 with registration: YNB-62R, coming down the Gungahlin Drive off-ramp onto Ginninderra Drive in Bruce.  The bus has a guide-wheel, roller-blind destination display "City Via O-Bahn" and an amber rotating light (all O-Bahn equipped buses in Adelaide are fitted with an amber rotating light).  The only detail I missed was a fleet number.  I was able to complete the drawing in only a couple of hours.  As this is my first proper drawing of a bus, some things needed drawing multiple times to get right (especially the front tyre and rotating light).  As I have a huge interest in rotating lights and number plates, I needed these to be correct :-).  It was going to be a few lights before ending up as an ECCO 500 Series Amber Halogen Rotating Light.

Below is the link to the drawing, the number plate and the amber rotating light.

Kind Regards,