Dickson Bus Station

Started by Barry Drive, October 19, 2016, 08:00:56 PM

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Barry Drive

For those who missed this elsewhere: work on the Dickson Bus Station has commenced.

The Love Guru

Road layout changes?
I'm sure it's listed somewhere and you'll tell me to look it up but there is no need when i know you'll do it for me [emoji14]

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Barry Drive

Nope. Bus400 dropped the ball on this one. No plans, nothing (yet) on the internet.

All I can tell you is that work has started south of the Motor Vehicle Registry. They will be adding an in/out road connecting Northbourne with Challis Street. I believe the station itself will be built over the motor registry once it's demolished next year.

Bus 400

Some of us have to work hard to help in bringing new residents to Canberra to provide for the light rail & more buses to drive/photograph/ride.

There's nothing special, just like Westfield Belconnen Bus Station. With a few more plants/bicycle rubbish/bus shelters/seats. Plus new sets of lights. Exiting buses will use the right turn into the Lyneham High st to turn back up Northbourne. No bus turn around inside bus station.

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