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Started by Peter Bakos, August 25, 2017, 05:47:41 PM

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Peter Bakos

It never ceases to amaze me how many bus stops in Canberra are no longer used. You can clearly see evidence of this with streetlights that still have their 'SIGNAL BUS' stickers on them or bus stop poles with no sign on them. Even looking at Google Maps Street View coverage from 2007 shows they've been disused for a long time.

Some notable abandoned stops include:

Two on the western side of Owen Dixon Dr in between Clarey Cres and Kuringa Dr
Two on Totterdell St which are directly parallel to each other, adjacent to Totterdell Loop, not far from the Luxton St roundabout.
All of the stops on the eastern side (southbound) of Springvale Dr
A few on Ross Smith Cres approaching Southern Cross Dr (after McGuiness St)

Would anyone happen to know what route numbers serviced these stops or when and why they stopped being used? I know there's quite a fair bit more disused stops but anyone know more that are disused? 

Buzz Killington

This thread details some of the other unused stops: http://actbus.net/forum/index.php?topic=4003.0

Totterdell St I think was last serviced in Network 97 by routes 403 and 404 - Belconnen loops via Emu Ridge, Melba, Flynn, Evatt, and McKellar.

Not too sure on the others, but others will be.

Other signal bus stickers that come to mind are on Drakeford Drive through Kambah.

Barry Drive

I briefly remember routes going through Totterdell St ("Ginninderra Heights"), but my bus books for 96 97 and 98 update don't show that route, so it must not have lasted long.

Owen Dixon Dr was last serviced by Network 1996 - loop routes 401 & 402 travelled between Kuringa Dr and Heydon Cr.

Both Springvale Dr and Ross Smith Cr were last serviced regularly by loop routes 407/408 in Network 97, although Springvale continued to be serviced by the 73/74 community routes until a few years ago.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I remember when I was reading through the Network 2012 proposal sheet, and noticed a total of 39 stops around the Wanniassa/Erindale area that were being threatened of not being in use.

Peter Bakos

There are also a few abandoned stops at University of Canberra: two on Bimbimie St and one on the eastern side of Allawoona St.

Other abandoned stops that come to mind are one on Donaldson St in Braddon, directly parallel to Braddon Rugby League Park (but strangely there some operational stops further up the road by Ainslie School).

One on the eastern side of Lathlain St by Bunnings Warehouse and the Winchester Police Centre. I remember when there was another stop on the other side of the street at the same location but it was removed around 2013, the same time the blade for the eastern side stop was removed.

Anyone know when or why these stops ceased operating?

Barry Drive

Was not aware of the Donaldson St stop. Checking Google streetview, there is a blade-less pole so it must have been a school bus stop in the recent past. The image from 2007 in the same location shows an abandoned concrete pad, but no pole.

I've got a network map from 1985 which suggests this portion of Donaldson St was used by Route 307 although it's hard to tell the exact route as it wasn't colour-coded and is poorly labelled. (307 was a City to ADFA service, possibly off-peak only.)

In the same era, Route 302 ran Mort St, Elouera then Donaldson St towards Campbell Park. You can still see two sets of disused stops in Elouera St.

Lathlain St was serviced by the 73/74 route mentioned earlier.


Currently there are 3 stops in Hume not in use, they still have their bus stop blades. This is from when the 88 went to Chisholm shops to turn around and came back into Hume. (I'm a regular on the 88 sometimes, usually the first one of the day and one in the afternoon, all depends on the circumstances)

Peter Bakos

There's also a few abandoned stops that exist in the form of remaining 'SIGNAL BUS' wooden pegs. There's one on Redfern St in Macquarie when travelling westbound and one on the northern side of Wakefield Avenue when travelling eastbound, outside the ABC TV station.

Anyone know info about these stops?

Bus 400

Another sign of old bus stops are like the below from McIntyre St, Narrabundah. Most of these probably date back to pre-1970's.

Some of these might have a wooden peg, most are left just like this one & even more overgrown.


Barry Drive

That part of McIntyre St was serviced until the late 80s when Route 353 was cancelled and its Narrabundah running was reallocated to 351 & 352. (352 was the forerunner to the 38/5/938 route.)

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There are similar concrete paving remains adjacent 1 Moroney St Spence. The service was discontinued at the end of 1998.

Buzz Killington

Moroney Street was included on the Christmas routes until very recently.


I had in mind when the stop was last regularly serviced.

The stop was not formally re-instated for the Christmas Day service, but 'hailing' the bus may have been informally possible.

Incidentally, there are one or two drivers who use Moroney St to return late evening to Depot from rte 314 services. Presumably because the bus was empty by part way round Bingley Cresc.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Was going through Monash a few Saturdays ago when I was riding from Erindale. I came across something I thought I'd never see. Obviously it was a bus stop, but it was a full yellow sign, like one of those from the 00's period. Such a surprise it is still there, stickers and all.

I was actually somewhat lost at the time cause I decided to follow the footpaths instead of Isabella Drive's cycleway, so it was luck to pass by it. It's odd though, cause there wasn't any sign of a bus stop on the other side of the road, unless it was further up the road, cause the next downhill side street path I saw I took.

I dont remember anything that travelled on Sturdee Cres, so I imagine it was either used for school runs or before my time.

Buzz Killington

Sturdee was school services only. It was used for a diverted 63 recently when the Clive Steele/Ashley intersection was closed, but I don't think the stops were used for that (at least not formally).

Toyota Camry

Quote from: triumph on October 09, 2017, 11:03:34 PMIncidentally, there are one or two drivers who use Moroney St to return late evening to Depot from rte 314 services. Presumably because the bus was empty by part way round Bingley Cresc.
It is not uncommon for services on the route beyond Charnwood Shops to terminate and return to the depot after the last passenger has been dropped off.

There is little patronage on the route beyond Fraser Shops; it seems wasteful that weekday buses run to Shakespeare Crescent instead of terminating at Tillyard Drive (Fraser East) such as weekend route 907 does.