Total route lengths?

Started by David S, June 23, 2021, 01:43:09 PM

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David S

Hi all,

First time posting here. I've been asked by work to find out if anybody has calculated the round-trip length of each route of the ACT system, or has summed the total runs per week per route?

I've looked at some of Melbourne's routes, to give an example of what I need:
*Route 170 is 18.8km round trip, and runs about 306.5 weekly round-trip services (allowing for short runs and one-way-only trips).
*Routes 495>494 (anticlockwise loop) is 15.3km round trip, and runs about 233.75 weekly round-trip services.

That's the sort of data I'd be looking for, for every route in Canberra - preferably, but not necessarily, including the school routes.

Does this sort of data exist in the public domain?

David S

Barry Drive

One option is the GTFS feed:

But it doesn't show route length by distance, only time. The "patterns" file does allow the route to be plotted on a map, so maybe there is a tool on the internet which can convert this into distance.

Another option could be to contact existing app developers (such as Anytrip or Nextthere) to see if they can provide such data.