Saturday improved timetable commencing April

Started by Barry Drive, February 04, 2024, 11:33:52 AM

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Barry Drive

No details yet, but Minister Steel has announced that improved Saturday timetable will commence in April 2024.

This is due to the drivers EBA being ratified, and the expectation that paying a weekend bonus will result in more drivers volunteering to work on weekends.

No information about when exactly this will take effect, or whether Sunday timetables will also be tweaked at the same time.

Barry Drive

New GTFS came out recently.

Saturday timetable change takes effect from 6 April. There are no adjustments to the Sunday timetable.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Hmm, looks the same to me... *cough "terrible"

Yes, a few extra hours of normal hourly running, how helpful. When's Sunday getting this, oh yeah...

Barry Drive

Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on March 26, 2024, 10:32:42 PMYes, a few extra hours of normal hourly running, how helpful.
Which is exactly what they said they'd do. (Refer: )

Would I have liked improved Sunday services? Or course. But you can't criticise them for delivering exactly what they promised (and nothing else).

NOTE: this rant is not directed solely at Sylvan, but also at various other whingers who said much the same thing.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I expected as much, so I'm not butt-hurt this time. I knew of this change without the forum anyway, I'm just annoyed that they keep fixing the opposite of things that actually need it

For example, as unhelpful as the Sunday timetable is, my anger is more because of how confusing the weekend timetables have been the last couple years. I've often been caught out on a Saturday afternoon because I thought the times were similar to the Sunday times - they are for some, but not others. Benefits aside, also because of how the buses run much later than they do on weekdays.
The latest 30min R4 frequency after 7pm (even though it's still 15min throughout the weekends) has been super hard to deal with. I spend most of my weekly outings in the afternoon/evening times, and as bad as the 70-series was a few networks ago where basically every route left woden at the same time every hour, the halved R4s has made getting home at night a lot harder - recently impossible on some nights. Getting home from Manuka after 10pm on a Saturday is fine, but the R6 on a weekday means I have to walk home from Woden, no thanks... I've had to almost take my life into my hands on some occasions due to the fact that these R4s are now crowded (even up until 10pm sometimes), which is not something I've personally had to deal with on a daily basis before. Not to mention freezing my tits off at Woden when one happens to be late.