Service Blackholes

Started by Irisbus Rider, September 26, 2008, 07:58:31 PM

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Irisbus Rider

After seeing a thread like this in the NSW section on ATDB, i thought ACTION could get "evaluated" on service blackholes.

The 319 does service Conder/Banks very well, but there are parts neglected, that requires a long long walk. Namely, parts that were covered by the old route 18, Forsythe St, Paperbark St and Charterisville St.
Sure, Xpresso services service those areas, but they need more!

Not sure if Macarthur ever got a service other than Coyne St, but it ought to. As the suburb ages, so do the residents, and it is very far to walk to Coyne St from the top of Jackie Howe Cres.

Gleneagles; Allchin CCT, Mt Vernon Dr and Ivo Whitton CCT are underserviced, as are the majority of Kambah. Generally, the fringes of Kambah are some distance from the bus services. Unfortunately, local roads prevent bus services to meander through certain streets.

Some parts of Yarralumla are some distance to the 2.

Arthur Cir, National Cct......Oh, bugger it, they're all rich people that never catch the bus :P
But seriously, a bit of a black hole there.

Out the back of Thyne St, there is a lot of medium density housing that could use a bus service.

Well, thats my input. Any others that anyone can state?
An area deprived of an Xpresso?
Or does the service just take too long?
You can even mention poor frequencies too.
Just put your thoughts here.....


Page is deprived of an Xpresso. But then again it is only a small suburb and an easy walk to Belconnen Way to get the 703


calwell - 11 takes half an hour to get to tuggeranong from shops, pathetic.
also, you'd think, if the 11 got to calwell shops at say..quarter past, and quarter too each hour, you'd have the 67 getting to the shops at another time, say..on the hour?.
No. Both the 11 and 67 get to the shops at the same time. So, we are getting services only every half an hour. Which sucks.
Speaking of which, both the tuggeranong and woden bound 11's come at the same time from the shops. Which is just pathetic.
And the 67 has a habit of not diverting from johnston drive. Which means, if anyone was relying on it (Say, oh, outrim avenue passengers?), they've got to wait..even longer. like, an hour.

that's all i can think of... :)