No TV and FM radio make John something something

Started by Irisbus Rider, January 02, 2011, 01:04:16 AM

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Irisbus Rider

Well, due to the light show over Canberra last night/this morning, a lightning strike caused a power surge somewhere in the grid, overloading a vital switch on Telstra Tower, resulting in no TV or FM radio being able to be broadcast. - Samuel's blog explains it quite well.

Hopefully the services will resume by the morning, but who's to know. Otherwise, we're in for more storms this morning, which IMHO, rival the firework show that was on yesterday just after midnight! And, better yet, this light show won't cost us $5m :P

Sir Pompously

Irisbus Rider

Ya weeeeeeet seedeater?  Well, I never :mono:
Just a follow up, all services resumed just after 01:30am...