Mawson Park and Ride

Started by smitho, July 30, 2010, 07:17:49 PM

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Noticed in latest Southside Chronicle a TAMS advert promoting the Mawson Park and mention of ACTION though. Likewise Redex radio adverts omit any reference to ACTION.

Buzz Killington

Apparently they're trying to promote use of the bike lockers which are largely unused at this time. I believe there will be print, bollard and bus advertising for this.

Barry Drive

There is such an ad on the back of 337.

Note: Phone camera photo (as you can see in the reflection)

Bus 400


New signage appeared on the orange bollard at the Pearce stop on Athllon Drive, identifying it as a "Park and Ride" stop.

Signage appears in lieu of the old top sign panel featuring the Bus Silhouette & ACTION tag.


yeah, they were installing them around 2pm today. :)

Bus 400


This is the bollard header at the Mawson Park & Ride stops.

Bus 400

Plans are now under way to extend this Park N Ride to the south, the plans can be found at

Work includes relocating some bike lockers to Mitchell Park N Ride & an exit slip land onto Athllon Drive (southbound).