Special Bus Stops Of Canberra

Started by Bus 400, January 23, 2012, 09:28:46 PM

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Bus 400

Located on the former 710 Kambah East Express route is the School Stop peg seen around most of Canberra.

This stop is located on Mount Vernon Drive in Kambah & has had many different signs over the years.

Here on Learmonth Drive in Kambah is an older style School Services peg.

With a clearer version seen here on Ivo Whitton Circuit in Kambah.

This was the second last style of School Service seen in Canberra on Livingston Avenue.

This is a version of blade bus stop signs seen around.

With this being another version.

Now this little treat was found on a bunker shelter on Antil Street in Hackett just before Knox Street. I'll let someone else explain these more, but basically they were normally found on bus stop pegs. However, as these have been replaced these signs have gone. Saturday was the first time I had seen one of these ever.

PART 2 tomorrow which will include modern day blades & some on there last leg.


Thanks Bus 400 - interesting shots.

You could have a category for 'oddities' (one such being the bus stop blade affixed to a traffic sign pole in Launceston St, northbound... from memory, it's on a Give Way sign pole).

Then there is the traffic sign attached to the side of a bunker in Lyneham...

Buzz Killington

I chuckled at the Livingston blade being attached to the one above it (and at one time, the one below it) rather than having its own bracket.


Those pegs in Kambah aren't really "old style" they were ones quickly produced when ACTION started running school services into Gleneagles. For the record I recall one route 60 in the morning used to divert into Gleneagles off Kambah Pool Road to pick up Kambah High school students. I'm not sure if this is still the case or not.

Bus 400

On a recent adventure around West Belconnen, I spotted this old style writing on a bus peg with what appears to be the fresher paint now going. This bus stop is across the road.

Just so you know I was telling the truth:

Also while exploring the Casey I spotted what I believe to be this only style of bus stop not attached to a shelter.

Of course I know it is in Ngunnawal, which is just down the road.

Bus 400

Another find here thanks to ACTBusSpotter, this stop is the stop on Boddington Crescent in Kambah just outside the Kambah No.1 Oval. This is from back in Network 1982 when the 260 ran through Kambah West & Wanniassa West to Erindale on Saturday evenings & Sunday/Public Holidays.

Who would of thought the 60 would run through Kambah West 15 years later?

Another stop I found while checking out Network 2012 infrastructure changes is this stop on Fulton Street, Macquarie

*Something here isn't playing fair with this photo, it's portrait on Photobucket but not here.



"Who would of thought the 60 would run through Kambah West 15 years later?"

Not sure what you're on about here, Bus 400?    Please Explain.....

Buzz Killington

The route listed on the old bus stop is 260, the current route that passes very close by there is the 60.