Canberra Fire Museum, Forrest

Started by Sir Pompously, November 10, 2012, 08:38:05 PM

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Sir Pompously

Today I went out to the Canberra Fire Museum located in Forrest at the old Forrest Fire Station. The museum has some operational vehicles as well as some vehicles under restoration, as well as other historical items (uniforms, photos etc) located in the station itself in various offices and garage area. Out the back of the station is a Dennis F12 which I was told should be completed soon, work is also progressing on some other items at the rear of the building in the work sheds.

The museum is open to the public on Saturdays only, with opening hours being 9am to 3pm. The museum is located on the corner of Empire Cct and Fitzroy Street in Forrest, for those unfamiliar with Canberra if you head from Parliament House on Canberra Avenue, take a left onto Empire Cct and the station is on the right. Entry is by gold coin donation, but I am fairly sure if you donated more than a gold coin they wouldn't mind!

A line up of a 1969 AEC Merryweather ladder, a 1969 Dennis Jag D600 and a 1934 Dennis Ace outside Forrest Fire Station which now houses the Canberra Fire Museum

A Canberra Fire Brigade 1928 Dennis 250 seen outside Forrest Fire Station

Canberra Fire Brigade 1934 Dennis Ace outside Forrest Fire Station

A 1969 Dennis Jag D600 outside Forrest Fire Station

The cab of a Dennis Jag D600